Licx Lube Review

Licx Lube Review

I was asked to review the Licx ‘Deluxe cream lube. So here is my verdict:

First impressions count and this was a great start. The packaging is only what I can describe as ‘it does what it looks like it does’. It’s smooth, sensual and cool. Just like the product inside. A squeezy tube based lube that is super easy to use with no odour and a milky colour. Consistency – think your more luxurious skincare moisturiser. It’s not too thick and heavy, in fact I can only describe it as silky smooth and the part I loved the most? A little goes a long way. I have tried many well known brands in comparison and this one reminds me of a silicon feel but without the fast dryness and necessary need to constantly use more.

When used in Foreplay it was definitely a worthwhile accessory. Not having to re-apply was an altogether much sexier experience. Again, I am a fan of sex toys and Licx just made it slide in and it lasted until orgasm. I tested this using the Love Honey remote controlled egg and my partner covered the egg and myself before slipping it in and turning it on. Definitely a lube perfected for toys and I loved how it stayed inside me whilst the vibrations worked their magic.
No re-applying.
Licx states it is for use for anal and penetrative sex. The silky slide texture allows for an extra sensitive feel when you get to that all important main act and when he enters you there is no sticky feel, no friction and no overwhelming, uncomfortable soaking wet feeling like some other leading brands leave you feeling.

I went in with an open mind reviewing this and now feel this is definitely my number one choice. Easy to use, no need for constant re-applying and has a super silky, moisturising feel. As it works for all sex acts I would highly recommend you introduce this into your bedroom playtime.