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Your sexual personality is unique. Sensual, passionate and erotic - your body whispers its needs to be satisfied. Frolicka satisfies your questions, urges and pure curiosity for those pleasurable, intimate experiences with one visit. We have come together with your favourite online adult stores to bring you a one stop sex toys shop. Discover and divulge in thousands of delectable products that will make your heart race at the very thought. Compare prices to make you sure you get the best deal and add a little extra pleasure to your sex toy perusal. Couple this with our frolics - a series of erotic stories by budding authors, product reviews and exclusive offers and you have an orgasmic shopping experience!

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Frolicka embraces what turns you on.

Categories may surprise, excite and unsettle but on the sex scale we review and cover topics on every erotic act from the most romantic of touches through to the ultimate use of two bodies enjoying each other to the maximum effect.

We haven’t forgotten about the sheer thrill of pleasuring your own body either it’s all in here from advice, tips and toys new and old. Sex today is more open to discussion but it works for some and not so much for others and that’s what Frolicka is all about; embracing what turns you on and being able to find more of it. Expert opinions, raunchy stories and the ultimate products brought to your attention by some of the biggest names in the industry. Play with your needs, desires and fantasies and come together with Frolicka. Less search, more sex!


  • A Steamy WorkoutA Steamy Workout
    Sandi wiped the sweat from her brow, she had gone full out on the treadmill and decided to do some ab work until
  • Bad SlutBad Slut
    There was nothing unusual about a couple calling me for a session, it happened all the time. Lots of couples wanted to experience