Work Hard, Reward Harder

My boyfriend, Zach, got a promotion yesterday. We did the normal celebration: a couple glasses of wine and a nice dinner with his parents. We went to bed fairly early since it was Thursday, but tonight…well, let’s just say he won’t
be getting a wink of sleep!

When he comes home he sees me lounging on the living room couch in his favorite lingerie – a red and black bra and g-string set and shiny black stilettos.

His eyes light up as he sees me and I raise one eyebrow and give him the “come here” motion with my index finger.

“You didn’t think last night was the end of your promotion celebration, did you?” I asked, undoing his belt and pulling off his pants.

“I guess not,” he says, smiling. He’s already hard as a rock from seeing me all dressed up for him.

I take his throbbing cock into my mouth slowly, looking into his eyes as he moans with pleasure.

I moan, too. I’ve been thinking about this all day and my pussy is dripping wet.

I start picking up the pace, sucking and licking and playing with his balls. His dick is so big it gags me and I love it.

When he can’t wait any longer, he grabs me and bends me over the couch, sliding my g-string down to my knees, and enters me from behind. We both moan loudly as he slides his thick cock inside me.

“Oh god, baby. You’re so wet,” he says.

“I’ve been waiting for you to come home and fuck me all day! All I could think about was your big, thick cock in my pussy. Of course I’m wet!”

He fucks me harder and faster and I can feel my orgasm coming.

“Oh Zach,” I moan, “right there! Just like that! Oh god, don’t stop!”

He keeps fucking me just how I want it until I cum, screaming in ecstasy.

But he just holds me tighter and keeps going.

“I love your tight little pussy,” he whispers in my ear. “It feels so good on my cock. Mmm, yeah baby. Cum for me again. I want to feel that pussy juice running down my legs.”

I love dirty talk and he sends me over the edge again, into another screaming orgasm.

My legs are shaking and he flips me over and climbs on top of me, kissing me as he puts his amazing cock inside me again.

He goes slowly now, kissing me on my lips, my neck, my collar bone. He rolls my nipple between his thumb and forefinger sending chills up and down my spine.

As he plays with one, he takes the other nipple into his mouth and sucks and licks until I break out in goosebumps all over my body.

I’m thrusting my hips now and he matches my pace. We go at each other hard; I’m clawing at his back, begging him to make me cum again as he fucks me hard, clinging to my hips with his big hands.

I feel my pussy start to tighten around him and I’m laying in a puddle of my own, sweet pussy juice.

My back arches and I cum again, but this time he cums with me, shooting his hot load deep inside me.

He collapses on top of me and we’re both breathing hard, sweating, and basking in that post-orgasm bliss.

I run my hand through his hair and smile.

“I hope I didn’t wear you out too much. We’re just getting started!” I tell him, and giggle.