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Another sex toy which has been used for hundreds of years, if not longer, are love eggs or love balls. They are referred to by many different names and can also be found by searching for Kegel Balls, jiggle Balls or Ben Wa Balls. They are essentially all types of love eggs and can be used for long, slow arousing tantalisation, wonderful masturbating pleasure or to train and improve internal vaginal muscles.

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Vibratone Soft Spikey Ben Wa Love Balls

Vibratone Soft Spikey Ben Wa Love Balls

Enjoy constant stimulation from these gorgeous love balls, whether in the privacy of your bedroom or during some discreet naughty outdoor fun. Ben Wa balls are inserted into and worn inside the vagina for erotic pleasure that also helps to tone up the pelvic floor muscles. This leads to a heightened

X-Orgasm Love Balls - Bondara

X-Orgasm Love Balls - Bondara

Get multi-orgasmic sensations and tone your kegel muscles at the same time with these weighted love balls. Stronger muscles means more powerful orgasms and you receive mind-blowing stimulation as you wear them and move around! Personal training has never been so good!

Super Orgasm Love Balls - Bondara

Super Orgasm Love Balls - Bondara

**Winner of the Bondara Awards - Best Selling Ben Wa Balls**Get these sexy smooth and weighted metallic Super Orgasm Love Balls for a real orgasmic treat! Each of the metallic balls has a smaller set of weighted internal balls that rotate gently as you move releasing mind blowing vaginal sensations and helping to tighten your pelvic floor. With a nylon cord for easy retrieval these fantastic balls are available in Silver Pink or Purple.

Soft Touch Orgasm Love Balls - Bondara

Soft Touch Orgasm Love Balls - Bondara

Love balls fill you with a pleasure that goes deeper then ever. These soft touch balls gently rock whilst you wear them giving off little vibrations that will make you quiver with delight! They not only give you pleasure but strengthen your pelvic floor which will make any sexual experience more intense!

Cupid's Smoothie Love Egg Vibrator

Cupid's Smoothie Love Egg Vibrator

A powerful vibrating love egg with a wired controller for solo or shared play. Sleek and perfectly shaped to nestle against your G-spot, intense stimulation and explosive results are yours whenever you please. This single-speed, super-powerful love egg expertly stimulates your G-spot and can also be used for clitoral stimulation thanks to its versatile shape. Hand the remote over to your partner and let them take control of your pleasure - or simply take charge of your own fun - it's completely up to you! This egg is perfect for beginners, weighing just 31g. Always use with a generous squeeze of water-based lubricant for smooth sensations when inserting. Please note: Love eggs are for vaginal use only.

Weighted Metal Kegel Love Balls

Weighted Metal Kegel Love Balls

These metal love balls have been designed to provide an intense kegel workout that you can't help but enjoy. The balls are weighted to keep your pelvic floor toned & tightened. This should result in better & stronger orgasms. Just lube up, place inside, and get ready for a super-satisfying work out!

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treat yourself to Discreet delights with love balls

Used mostly by women, but not exclusively, they are either solid or hollow and contain an internal weight which can ‘jiggle’ around inside you, hence the name, and encourage wonderful sensations deep within the vagina. Many love eggs are used just for pleasure and teasing fun and you can even incorporate it into steamy sex with your lover. Insert your love balls and let your partner know you are wearing them. As he watches you, every move you make will make him harder and you wetter. Love eggs are also perfect for a little long distance teasing with a cunning text to have him rock hard and ready when you get home.

Alternative uses for love eggs are the training of the often underused Kegel or pelvic floor muscles which can be strained due to age or during pregnancy and childbirth. If you’ve ever had that alarming sneeze, cough or laugh and dribbled a little, then love eggs are an essential part of your keep fit regime. Start with small weights or eggs and gradually increase the time you wear them. Once you can hold them comfortably tight inside you, graduate to larger or heavier balls. Weighted balls which move around inside the love eggs or Ben Wa balls increase the pressure (and wonderful sensations!) and are for women who have experience of love eggs and want to improve their muscle tone.


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