Blind Anticipation

Blind Anticipation Erotica

She’s never been blindfolded before, and she’s amazed by how much simply not being able to see heightens her senses.

Suddenly every sound is amplified – every little noise makes her flinch. She’s even aware of the air currents in the room. They play against her bare skin, shiveringly pleasurable.

“Simon?” she murmurs. He’s been quiet for almost a minute now, ever since he eased the blindfold gently over her head. She’s beginning to think he might have left her – that she’s just standing alone in the centre of their bedroom – when she feels his hand on her back. He brushes an open hand down the curve of her spine She gasps. The touch of his fingers sends tremors all the way down to her toes.

He touches her again, more firmly this time. His arm encircling her, pulling her body close to his. Down the length of her she feels the warmth of his naked skin against hers. She is aware of the hardness at his groin, and the tension of it almost makes her want to groan out loud. He pins her against his body, and his hands explore her breasts, her toned stomach, her legs. For a moment he pauses, as though contemplating his next move, and then he glides his hand down between her legs.

In the dark behind the blindfold, she feels like she’s melting now. As he touches her. As his fingers make circles around the most delicate and sensitive part of her. She knows him as well as she knows herself, and yet without sight he is a stranger. Could be anyone. And the thought is so exciting it’s like liquor. Her head spins. She relaxes into his grip.

And then, just as quickly, he’s lowering her towards the bed. Laying her down on her back. The sheets beneath her are silken and soft, and she can feel him above her. His weight on the mattress. She arches her back and holds her breath. Still she cannot see a thing, and there is no way to know what is about to happen next. She spreads her legs on instinct, inviting, hoping.

For a second or two there is nothing else but her body. Her pounding heart and her skin tingling with excitement, with the need to be touched. Her breath suspended in her lungs. Her muscles taut against the bed. She feels as if she’s floating there above the bed, filled with darkness and stars.

Then he lowers himself onto her and she feels his warm weight and his hardness pressing at her, and she opens herself to him, and he slips gently inside. She cries out in pleasure. Wraps her arms and her legs around him and pulls him into her deeper. His breath rebounds off the curve of her neck. With the blindfold still in place she cannot see him, but she doesn’t need to. She can feel him, now, inside her, more than she ever has before.