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Fleshlight does exactly what the name implies; sex in a flashlight. An innovative company which specialises in male masturbators with a modern, urban and very funky style and this inventive sex toy appeals to straight men of all ages and offers a very real feel experience in a lightweight, discreet container shaped like a torch.

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Fleshlight FS

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Fleshlight Pink Lady Stamina Training Unit

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Fleshlight Pink Lady Stamina Training Unit - Bondara

Fleshlight Pink Lady Stamina Training Unit - Bondara

The Stamina Training Unit (STU) from Fleshlight. A male masturbator specifically designed to provide you with a tighter feel to help you improve your sexual performance. Regularly train with the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit to become the ultimate stud in bed.

Fleshlight Flight - Bondara

Fleshlight Flight - Bondara

Slimmer and sleeker than ever the Fleshlight Flight is contained within a more discreet outer casing than the original Fleshlight for ultimate portability from the world's most popular male masturbator. With an internal depth of 6.5 inches stylish translucent 'real feel superskin' and a bumpy and textured inner canal unique to this model the Flight is the ultimate pleasure experience for the man on the go.

Fleshlight Sex in a Can - Lady lager - Bondara

Fleshlight Sex in a Can - Lady lager - Bondara

Sex and beer. Possibly the two greatest things in the world are now combined in one product. The Fleshlight In A Can 'Ladylager' takes all the best bits of the classic Fleshlight (the realistic pussy the textured inner sleeve) and pops it in a cheeky beer-can outer casing for a portable super discreet male masturbator guaranteed to raise more than just a smile.

Fleshlight Pink Original - Lady - Bondara

Fleshlight Pink Original - Lady - Bondara

The one that started it all the original Fleshlight revolutionised sex toys for men and has fast become the most popular male masturbator in the world. Incredibly realistic discreet and simple to use the Fleshlight is a must-have for any man's toy box.

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Sex in a Fleshlight

The options are almost endless and they even supply additional inserts for different moods. What’s your pleasure gentlemen? Do you want the feel of a young firm porn pussy or maybe the sensations of a slow wet wank? If you prefer a sexy blow job, enter the pouting lips of your choice or how about a tight arse parted just for you? Even the look of the Fleshlights is very erotic and they are designed to turn you on instantly.

Available in a variety of skin tones and tightness so you can fully indulge in your fantasy. Many men, simply lie back and lose themselves in the fabulous sensations as they pump but this nifty little sex toy is highly versatile… What other positions you use it in are entirely down to you and your fantasies. Retailing in the UK at approximately £40 and above, I would highly recommend the shower attachment but other than good quality lubrication, you’re good to go.

Fleshlight have introduced a vibrating version which not only looks pretty cool but is an amazing wank. If you want a little something different, check out the Alien Fleshlight with the clever vortex insert resulting in a tight sucking whirlpool. My personal favourite is the Sex in a Can toy and not just for the novelty value. All the benefits of a classic Fleshlight wank but it doesn’t have to hide in the bottom drawer.

The additional benefits of the Fleshlight is the stamina building it allows you to achieve over time, whilst enjoying all the real feel sensations. All Fleshlights are easy to use and clean; simply warm the insert under warm running water and lube up… the rest is up to you.


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