Je Joue MiMi Soft review

Je Joue Mimi

I do like a vibrator so when Frolicka asked me to do a review of the Je Joue MiMi Soft, I happily agreed and waited eagerly for the parcel to arrive. The package was smaller than I expected but I was happy to keep an open mind and see what treat was inside.

Like most women who use sex toys, I have a selection; a little bullet vibrator, a realistic dildo which doesn’t really see the light of day anymore and a must have rabbit vibrator. However, my collection needed updating and was missing something smaller, contemporary and modern so I was hoping the Je Joue MiMi Soft lived up to expectations.

The bright fuchsia egg shaped toy was nestled in a neat little black and silver box similar to my favourite perfume and I charged the pretty pink toy with the unique magnet charger. While it charged, I read the little booklet and liked the idea of the pulse function as most of my toys only vibrated or gyrated.

Je Joue Mimi packaging

It didn’t take long to charge and I played with the controls testing out the two functions: Vibrate or Pulse and a variety of speed options, controlled by the middle button. It seemed simple to use with clear plus (+) and minus (-) signs and with 5 vibrations levels and 6 pulse variations I identified a setting I wanted to play with – somewhere between almost not there reverberation and a pulsating throb.

I’m not the shy conservative type and am happy to share my sex toys with my partner but I do like my alone time fun too and I was impatient to try it out. I tried it in my hand first and I liked the smooth, silky surface and changing between the pulse and vibrate options was easy. Down to business, surprisingly I played with the Je Joue MiMi Soft switched off and loved the almost warm velvety feel on my nipples. The shape is very clever – almost a flat egg with gentle sloping curves which caress in a smooth motion. The edges and curves are delicious on flesh and then I switched it on easily whilst it was still on my body and played with the settings.

Je Joue Mimi

The soft silicon feel when combined with the very gentle vibrate option on my clit added a delicious tingle and then I changed to the pulse setting. The varying speed but more importantly, the unpredictable rhythm of the pulse is the perfect way to allow your imagination to get involved and my clit loved it.

Some vibrators and eggs can be fierce or the pulse option predictable but this starts off from a gentle rumble and rises through the vibrate options to demanding rather than aggressive. Whatever setting you choose, they are quiet which although is not a major concern to most women, is something I prefer. I like the neat little magnet contacts and the charge cable is long enough for convenient bedside charging.

What I don’t like is the over bulky plug with stick on logo and I would have preferred a more modern USB charging cable which a lot of sex toys now offer for travel convenience. I did play with my new MiMi Soft toy in the shower as its 100% waterproof but I found it slightly slippery and I dropped it twice.

Je Joue Mimi Size

This is a sex toy with a duel personality: It might look cute and could pose as an attractive bedside ornament but this toy means business! The Je Joue MiMi Soft is a greedy little thing and size definitely does not matter! I took a photo next to a golf ball for size perspective. I give it a big thumbs up and would recommend it for solo playtime but could image it would add a definite zip to sex with your partner.


Thanks Frolicka and Je Joue!

Available at Lovehoney and Je Joue