Milky Day

Milky Day Erotic Story

It was a Saturday, which meant Mrs Allen would be taking her baby to the park, meaning that I’d get to watch her amazing breasts from my window. She actually wasn’t ‘Mrs’ Allen anymore, as her and her husband were divorced after her pregnancy had started to show. Apparently, he’d been quite an asshole. I’d never cared for him much anyway, but I imagined that raising a kid on your own wouldn’t have be easy.

I called her Tina, as she had instructed me to when we met. She was one of the only 6 other tenants that lived in my building. After her divorce, we had become pretty good friends. She was probably 30 or so, maybe 5 years older than myself, but damn was she sexy. Even  more so as I watched her bloom fully pregnant, her breasts getting considerably bigger as they filled with milk.

I always had a sexy fascination with that. I so badly wanted to flirt with her but my ultimate fantasy was to fuck her while she was all swollen and sexy. But I’d never had the courage and I thought it a little disrespectful. I was sitting on the front lawn when she returned, but without her child.

“Hi Tina” I said as she got out of her car. I loved her huge breasts. “Where’s your baby?” I went on.

“With my mum” she replied, “a much needed break.” Then she added, “want to come over for a bit? I could use some adult time.” She didn’t need to ask twice.

“Let me just change quickly” she said when we were inside. She came out wearing a halter top with no bra and a tiny skirt. I was speechless.

“You like?” she asked, spinning in a little circle. “I have seen you watching me Jake, and I’ll be honest, I have been SO horny and it’s been so long. I needed no encouragement at all. I stepped forward and put my arms around her and kissed her passionately on her full lips.
“All through my pregnancy and after I had nothing but my toys.”

The image that created was enough to make me get really hard. We both began to tear off our clothes with a sense of real urgency. Tina had some trouble getting her bra off of her massive swollen breasts, so I helped her. Her nipples were huge, dark and very hard.

I had her bend forward, legs spread so that I could eat both her pussy and ass from behind. Her pussy lips were large and full. This happened to be something I seriously enjoyed. As I sampled her fragrant wet juice, she reached back and grabbed my head, pushing deeper. She started to shudder and as she came, I thrust my tongue deep inside of her.

When her legs stopped shaking she spun around to face me. Milk was dripping from her nipples in huge quantities.

“I’m so sorry” she said, “this happens when I cum.”

“Sorry?” I asked, “No way, it is beautiful, let’s make more. That was that start of my milky day.