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Think male sex toys and what’s the first image the jumps into your head? A blow up doll? Well, you’d be right as that it is definitely the number one sex toy for men on the market but there is so much more out there for men to play with on their own or with their partner. Sex toys for men tend to form into two clear categories; masturbators and performance enhancers. Both can give lots of sexual pleasure and amazing orgasms whilst the enhancers will give the man additional confidence about size or performance.

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Elite Realistic Vibrating Warming Vagina - Bondara

Elite Realistic Vibrating Warming Vagina - Bondara

Moulded directly from a porn star this vagina and ass will blow your mind. Her two tight holes provide perfect penetration. Includes powerful multi-speed vibrations. For the most realistic experiece get this best-selling vibrating vagina and ass.

Ultimate Rock Hard Penis Pump - Bondara

Ultimate Rock Hard Penis Pump - Bondara

andbull; A powerful penis pump for enhancing the size stamina and hardness of your erectionandbull; Includes a silicone sleeve for creating a secure vacuum a hand pump and a quick release valve for maximum controlandbull; Clear acrylic chamber allowing you to see your penis grow before your eyes

Fleshlight Girls Lisa Ann Lotus Vagina

Fleshlight Girls Lisa Ann Lotus Vagina

Lisa Ann Vagina Fleshlight Get up close and intimate with sexy MILF porn star Lisa Ann as her hot pussy has been forever immortalised as part of the Fleshlight Girls range. The outer lips of this Fleshlight have been moulded directly from Lisa Ann's vagina, so it's as close to the real thing as you can get!The Fleshlight Girls Lisa Ann Lotus Vagina has been made using the brand's unique SuperSkin material, which has been designed to feel soft like the real thing, as well as quickly warm to body temperature. Push past the lips and into the popular Lotus shaped tunnel that is shaped to most replicate sexual intercourse. It's tight at the start and then blossoms outwards for a wider, more comfortable fit.Housed in a hard case to protect your Fleshlight sleeve and gives it the appearance of looking like a flash light. Perfect for those that want to be discreet.

Viva La Evalution Eva Angelina Realistic Sex Doll

Viva La Evalution Eva Angelina Realistic Sex Doll

Viva La Evalution Eva Angelina Realistic Sex Doll Take the Viva La Evalution Eva Angelina Realistic Sex Doll to bed and play out your porn star fantasies. Modelled on the award winning adult actress, the Eva Angelina life size love doll has been designed with true-to-life features so you can feel even closer to her. Inflate your sex doll using the included foot pump and then choose which of her 3 orifices you want to explore first. Eva Angelina is ready to take you in her mouth, pussy or ass. Her vagina and anus are made from lifelike Loveclone material. Experience soft, textured tunnels that warm to body temperature and envelope your penis. Fully posable arms and flexible legs allow you to move Eva into a position of your choice, letting you play out your passions however you choose. Designed as a realistic sex doll, 3D technology has been used to create Eva's gorgeous face and includes fine details such as eyelashes. Toy with her large breasts that are topped with pert, erect nipples that are ready to be licked and teased. For extras thrills use the two included vibrating bullets and turn your Viva La Evalution Eva Angelina Realistic Sex Doll into a buzzing beauty. Positioned in her most intimate holes, let the powerful vibrators massage your length as you make love to this sexy brunette. When you're not sharing your bed with Eva Angelina, deflate your sex doll and keep her safe and sound in the included storage bag.

Fleshlight Misty Stone Forbidden

Fleshlight Misty Stone Forbidden

Fleshlight Misty Stone Forbidden butt masturbator Take the Fleshlight Misty Stone Forbidden butt masturbator to bed and satisfy you anal sex fantasies with one of porn's hottest stars. Part of the popular Fleshlight Girls range, this lifelike male sex toy boasts a mold of Misty's tight little butt at the entrance. Apply your favourite water-based lubricant and slide inside. Beyond, you're length will be stimulated by a tight canal made from Fleshlight's unique SuperSkin material. soft wave texture runs the length of the canal and is designed to mimic the sensation of anal sex.The Fleshlight Misty Stone Forbidden comes in a discreet pearlescent case, which acts as a discreet storage device when you're Fleshlight is not being used. Full instructions are included so you can get maximum pleasure and take the best care of your Fleshlight Girl every time.

Fleshlight Pink Mouth Wonder Waves

Fleshlight Pink Mouth Wonder Waves

Fleshlight Pink Mouth Wonder Wave masturbator Use the Fleshlight Pink Mouth Wonder Wave and enjoy intense ripples of stimulation as this lifelike masturbator coaxes you to climax. The outside of this Fleshlight is a pair of luscious, thick lips that are hungry to swallow you whole. Made from Fleshlight's unique phthalate free SuperSkin material, they feel ultra-realistic and will flex and part to accommodate you. Beyond the lips is a 7.75 inch canal. Your length will be greeted by a tight chamber that blossoms out into a deep wave texture. Experience strong suction and grip as you move the Fleshlight back and forth. For a more satisfying ride, use it with lashings of water-based lubricant to get that wet blow job feel. As with all Fleshlights, the Pink Mouth Wonder Wave comes in a sleek black case and the inner canal is fully removable for easy cleaning. When not in use replace the cap and to the untrained eye this realistic male masturbator will look like an innocent flashlight torch. Comes will full care guide and instructions so you can get the most out of your Fleshlight every time.

Eileen Sue Kneeling Realistic Sex Doll

Eileen Sue Kneeling Realistic Sex Doll

Eileen Sue Kneeling Realistic Sex Doll Kneeling and ready, the Eileen Sue Realistic Sex Doll is an inflatable beauty that's ready to be taken in a number of your favourite positions. Whether you want to play out kinky fantasies or have her kneeling in doggie style position, Eileen Sue's 2 realistic love holes are exposed and waiting. Inflate the Eileen Sue Kneeling Realistic Sex Doll using the included foot pump. The latest 3D formatting technology has been used to create her face, hands and feet, giving you a more true to life look and more foreplay options. Thrusting forwards, toy with her generously sized breasts and pert nipples before slipping into either her vagina or anus for realistic sex sensations. Made using a unique PVC Loveclone material, the pleasure tunnels will stretch to envelope and surround your penis. A series of soft nodules line the tunnels and will massage your length to climax. Use with water-based lubricant to really amplify the sensations, or insert the included multi-speed vibrator and let the waves of buzzy pleasure ripple through the sex doll's most intimate areas. The Eileen Sue Kneeling Realistic Sex Doll has been made using stronger, thicker material, so this high-quality inflatable love doll is more durable. Enjoy night after night of satisfaction as Eileen Sue kneels before you. Deflate after use for easy, discreet storage.

Fleshlight Stamina Value Pack

Fleshlight Stamina Value Pack

Fleshlight with Extras Providing everything you need for a satisfying Fleshlight experience at an attractive bundle price, the Fleshlight Stamina Value Pack includes the acclaimed Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit, Fleshlube, Fleshwash, Fleshlight Renew Powder and a secure shower mount for when you want a steamier, wetter session. Practise makes perfect with the Fleshlight Vagina Stamina Training Unit. This specially designed Fleshlight has more texture and sensation than any other. Couple this with the tight tunnel and amazing life-like feeling of the SuperSkin and it takes a master to hold back from ejaculation. Make the challenge even harder by applying lashings of the water-based Fleshlube for a slicker ride with increased sensation. This long lasting water-based lube is hypoallergenic, non-staining and easy to clean up afterwards. Cleaning and renewing your Stamina Training Unit is a cinch by flushing it through with Fleshwash and warm water and leave to air dry. Sprinkle with Renewing powder to make it feel like new and then replace in the gold case with lid. This will keep your Fleshlight dust free and ready to go for next time. Prefer your pleasure in the shower? This Value Pack also includes the popular Shower Mount. Use the suction pad to attach the Shower Mount to the wall or shower door and then screw your Fleshlight case into the mount. This provides a stable and secure way of getting the high, angle and position you want, while enjoying hands-free fun! Fleshlight Stamina Value Pack includes: patented Superskin Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit in gold case, 100ml of FleshLube Water, 100ml Fleshwash, 118g Fleshlight Renew Powder and a Fleshlight Shower Mount.

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Give lots of sexual pleasure and amazing orgasms...

Blow up dolls have moved on from the cheap joke shop stag night options to sophisticated and very sexy versions.  Some of the more expensive dolls on the market are incredibly realistic with the additional benefit of being personalised to your own particular taste.  If this all seems too much of an investment, consider a male masturbator.  This is a fast growing market and with the amount of tasteful and very inventive choices out there it’s easy to see why.  Designed to feel just like a wet soft mouth, pouting pussy or tight arse, simply slip your cock in and pump away.  These ribbed soft tunnels of pleasure come with vibrating and pulsing options and if this doesn’t fit the bill, opt for a monkey spanker, stroker or pulsing P spot vibrator to reach the ultra sensitive prostate for mind blowing orgasms.

If performance, size or premature ejaculation is a concern then there are male sex toys that not only increase your endurance and size but can be a huge part of very satisfying couples play for both of you.  A penis pump will make your penis stand up loud and proud by improving the blood circulation.  There’s a choice to be made from the cheap simple models to the branded, high tech numbers which are at the higher end of the market.

Size matters and if fancy an extra inch or two to delight your partner then an inexpensive penis extender or sleeve maybe just the male sex toy for you.  Designed to be worn directly over the cock, this cheeky toy can be great fun with a little lubrication and is not just for your partner’s pleasure as many come with internal ridges and bumps just for you.  Like the extender, a penis sleeve slips over your penis but doesn’t usually cover the sensitive head but adds a sensational grip that produces incredibly passionate results.  Both the extender and the sleeve give men greater confidence and can even help with mild erectile disorders.


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