The Sister-In-Law

The Sister In Law

Brad always had a little crush on his sister-in-law. She was almost like a much younger version of his wife, but much more bubbly and outgoing. She always flirted with him, not too much for his wife to take note, but definitely enough for her mum to cast a knowing glance at her when she’s being particularly lewd.

It was a sunny Sunday afternoon when Brad decided to head to Zoe’s room. He was convinced she wasn’t as innocent as she always tried to portray. He had no business being in her room, but his intense arousal that afternoon diminished his sense of morality.

He peeked outside: they were all sitting on the patio. Brad walked into Zoe’s room and started rifling through her drawers. One of them contained all her knickers: some regular cotton ones… and a few thongs at the back. He smiled, pulling one out, feeling his erection growing harder as he felt the soft material between his fingers.

He dug his hand back into the drawer and felt something hard in the back. He pulled it out: a vibrator. Sleek and thin. He knew it. She was probably really tight…

“I have a new one you know,” a voice said.

Brad turned around in shock. It was Zoe.

“Um, Zoe-” he stuttered, lost for words.

He could feel his face turning bright red as he tossed her thong and the vibrator back into the drawer and closed it.

“I better get downst-“ he started.

“Don’t go,” Zoe interrupted with a dramatic fake pout.

She walked over to her bed and pulled something from under the pillow. It was a dildo. A massive one, probably triple the girth of her vibrator.

“Don’t you want to put this in me?” she asked.

“Zoe, this is a mistake…” Brad said.

He didn’t know how to handle the situation. Should he run? Act like Zoe was trying to come onto him?

Zoe tossed it onto the bed, turned around, and pulled her leggings down to her feet. Brad could feel his erection growing harder by the second. She had the tightest, most perfect ass he’d ever seen. She climbed onto the bed on her hands and feet, swaying her ass from side to side.

“Come on, Brad, put it in me,” she said softly, almost begging.

He walked closer. His mind was screaming at him to turn around and leave… but his erection had taken over. Logic was now a luxury.

“I want you to put that big toy into my tight, wet little cunt,” she said.

Brad couldn’t believe his ears. He’d never heard her swear before. He took the big, realistic dildo and pushed the tip against her perfectly shaven pussy. Her lips were smooth and glistening with moisture. He pushed the toy, hearing the liquid sound as it stretched her pussy wide open.

“I don’t want to hurt you,” he said hesitantly.

“Don’t be a pussy, fuck me with it,” she demanded.

Brad put his one hand on her lower back and shoved the toy into her completely. Zoe cried out.

“Holy fucking shit!” she shouted.

Brad pulled it out and shoved it back in. Zoe’s body started shaking uncontrollably. It didn’t take much for her to climax. She moaned loud, convulsing and writhing in orgasmic glee as Brad drilled her with the toy, over and over, hard and deep.

Finally, he pulled the soaking toy from her ravaged hole. Zoe had completely soaked the bed.

“I’m a squirter,” she winked, still panting heavily.

Brad made his way downstairs, his heart racing, and his cock still rock-hard. He only hoped this would never come out…