Valentines Vibrations

Valentines Gift Ideas 2016

Valentines is a day of love. A day to show the one you adore just how much they really mean to you. Whilst some may argue “I don’t need a day to show how much I love them when I do it every day”, some may say that it’s almost too good an opportunity to really take a plunge into the love nest. Valentines day opens your mind and heart (amongst other things…) and allows you to have that no holds barred talk of sex, love and all things warm and rosy.

A list for your love. We all say “I love you” in different ways so why not spice it up with a bit of fancy dress…

1. Visit your local Ann Summers or have a discreet drop-in at Lovehoney to buy a classy and tasteful all in one lace number. He will thank you for it. More than once.

2. DIY love making. It starts from the stomach. Do it at home. Cook that Italian meal. Feed each other champagne. Light candles. Splash out on a massage oil that delivers that sensual seductive craving for one another. Let the love flow…

3. Buy a vibrator. Whether it be a cute little clit stimulating bullet or a full size Rabbit with 200 settings. Exploring your body along with him will bring you both to places you may never have been before.

Rabbit Vibrator
How about a nice Rabbit Vibrator

4. Treat him to something. For the more timid to the ultra kinky there is something that will suit your bedroom fire. Smother him with a flavoured lube, buy the Karma Sutra, play a sex game, treat him to anal beads or go all out with a bondage kit. No such thing as too less or too much.

Gift Ideas 

From teddy bears to S&M, valentines is the day to explore your boundaries. I have a list of the perfect gifts for this Valentines day.

The way to everyones heart. Why not try the Lindt ‘just for you’ heart tin. It’s perfect for those early day gifts.

Some people were just born with a sense of humour. For fun, quirky and totally unique ideas visit Odd Sox

Classic and tasteful lace never goes out of fashion. Play dress up this valentines with a range of beautiful body suits from : • Victorias secret , LoveHoney or Ann Summers.

Lace all in one from Bondara
Lace all in one from Bondara

Good lube = good sex. Try the Licx deluxe for a smooth and creamy sensation. This one is tried and tested by none other than myself so I guarantee a hot night between the sheets with this one! Free sample.

With so many to choose from and each offering different pleasures it’s hard to know where to start. Start here at Frolicka to compare prices, designs and hot off the press.

S&M / Bondage and Sexual Exploration
For the more adventurous of couples with no holds barred there are an entirety of endless options to play, bite and whip with. Why not explore a party with other like-minded couples this valentines? (Please enter these sites only if you are of legal age and consent to images of porn.)
Just Rope
Heaven Circle
Fever Parties

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