Sweet Sexy Revenge

Sweet Sexy Revenge. Frolic

She kept running into him. She was pretty sure there was nothing worse than living in a small town – a town where you saw your stupid ex-boyfriend every time you turned around.

“Um, hello? Earth to Jen! Did you hear a word I just said?” Natalie asks her best friend.

“Yeah…sorry. Something about work?” Jen blushes, looking down into her margarita. “It’s just…Max is over there. I’m so sick of seeing his ugly face.”

“Jen, let it go,” Natalie tells her. “YOU broke up with HIM. There’s a reason for that. Just get over him and move on!”

“I AM over him!” Jen exclaims. Thank god the bar is loud. He might have heard her little outburst if it hadn’t been.

Natalie raises an eyebrow at Jen and gives her a look. She doesn’t need to tell Jen she’s full of shit. The look says it all.

Jen rolls her eyes and takes a big gulp of her drink. “Whatever,” she says. “I have to go to the bathroom. Watch my purse?”

Natalie nods.

As Jen walks past Max’s table she can hear a burst of laughter and with a quick glance she sees several of his friends looking at her. She rolls her eyes again. He’ll do anything to make her feel bad.

She closes the restroom door and splashes cold water on her face.

“Get it together, Jen,” she tells herself in the mirror. As usual, her reflection just stares back. No help there.

She sets her shoulders back, lifts her chin, and walks out of the bathroom, past Max and his asshole friends and sits back down next to Natalie.

“You ok?”

“Yeah,” Jen says unconvincingly.

“He’s a creep, Jen.”

“I know,” she mumbles in response and downs the rest of her margarita.

“Bartender, let’s get another round for these ladies,” comes a voice from behind Jen.

Both girls turn to see Drew, one of Jen’s coworkers. Jen breaks into a smile. “Hey Drew. What’s up?”

“Eh, you know, the usual. O’mally made me work late again. Hey…are you ok?” he asks with concern on his face.

“Yeah,” Jen replies as the bartender brings her another drink, courtesy of Drew.

“Hey, isn’t that the knob from the Christmas party over there?” he asks, tilting his head in Max’s direction.

Jen smiles despite her mood. “Yup, and you can call him that now. We broke up.”

“Well!” Natalie interrupts. “I’ve got to get going. I promised to make Jack dinner tonight so I have to get home and order the pizza,” she says with a laugh. “Drew, cheer my girl up, will ya?”

Drew nods and she gets up to leave. Jen watches her walk towards the exit and Natalie stops at the door, spins around and raises an eyebrow, paired with a mischievous grin.

She knows Jen has had a thing for Drew since the day he was hired. Natalie’s look says, “You’re single now. Have some fun!”

Jen turns her attention back to Drew as Natalie walks out the door into the fading sunlight.

“So you’re sitting here, wasting time being upset about Douchey McDoucheface?” That was Drew’s favourite nickname for Max. He used it since the night he first met the guy.

“Pretty much,” Jen admits.

After a pause, Drew asks her, “Do you think I’m hot?”

Jen almost spills her drink.

Drew laughs as she carefully sets the glass on the bar. “Look,” he says, “I’m not going to push, because I know you two just broke up and everything, but I think you’re amazing. And that guy…he’s a dick.”

Jen is doing all she can to keep her jaw from dropping open in shock.

He takes a sip of his whisky, letting his words sink in for a moment.

“So here’s what I propose,” he says with an amused smile, “We finish these drinks, get to know each other a little, and see what happens. Worst case, your ex sees you kissing me. Best case, you let me take you home and show you what being with a real man feels like.”

Jen can’t help but grin. She likes him. He plays cocky, but she knows he’s actually a really nice guy.

She doesn’t usually do the whole casual sex thing, but Drew’s fit, Max would be super jealous, and if she’s completely honest, she deserves to have some no-strings-attached fun.

She gulps down the rest of her drink and says, “Ready when you are.”

Drew smiles broadly, finishing his drink and slides one hand into her glossy blonde hair.

“I’ve been wanting to play with these pretty blonde curls since the first day I saw you. They’re just as soft as I thought they’d be.”

Jen’s heart skips a beat. He was being genuine. She looked down, blushing.

He lifts her chin with his other hand until she’s looking in his deep green eyes.

“And I’ve wondered if your lips are as soft and sweet as they look,” he whispers. “Jen, can I find out?”

She nods, lost in his eyes and he gently pulls her closer until their lips meet. After a soft kiss, he pulls away slightly and says, “Mmm, perfect.”

He brings her close again for another kiss and she parts her lips. She can feel the blood rushing to all the sensitive places in her body,

particularly her nipples and clit.

Their tongues intertwine and Jen puts her hand on the back of Drew’s neck, holding him there, never wanting to stop.

Drew pulls away again. “You ready to get out of here?” he asks.

“Oh yeah,” Jen tells him and throws some cash on the bar for their drinks.

When Drew slides his arm around her waist, she doesn’t even remember to look back to see if Max is watching. She doesn’t remember anything except Drew’s soft lips.

“My car’s outside,” Jen says, pulling him toward it.

When they get close she stops abruptly. “You’ve got to be kidding me! That’s his car!”

Max had backed into the space to the left of her car so their driver’s side doors faced each other.

“How long is he going to be in there?” asks Drew.

“What? Who cares? Ugh, he did this on purpose just to…”

Drew cuts her off, “HOW LONG?”

Jen sighs, not seeing what difference it makes. “Probably til close. It’s not like he has a job to get to in the morning.”

“Brilliant,” Drew says, and before Jen can ask him what the hell he’s talking about, he shoves her up against Max’s car and starts kissing her again.

She kisses him back passionately. She’s getting it on with a fit guy up against her ex’s car. “Yep, that’s pretty awesome,” she thinks and promptly forgets about Max again when she feels Drew’s hard on through his black jeans.

“Mmm,” she moans and breaks away from the kiss. “Is that a hard cock I’m feeling through your pants?” she asks, smiling.

“Yeah it is. You’re so gorgeous, Jen. I can’t help it. Did you want me to stop?”

“Definitely not,” she says, unbuckling his belt and pulling down his pants. She hikes up her skirt and drops her lacy red thong.

“Oh shit,” Drew says, staring at her exposed, shaved pussy.

Without thinking he picks her up and pushes her up against the car again. He slides her down slowly until his entire cock is inside her juicy pussy.

“Oh my god, Jen. Fuck,” he says, unable to think about anything except how good she feels wrapped around him.

She lays back against the hood of the car and Drew starts off slowly, letting her feel every inch of his cock, teasing her.

“Drew, please,” Jen begs him breathlessly. “Faster.”

She didn’t have to tell him twice. He began fucking her hard, hands grasping her hips tightly, thrusting his thick cock in and out of her warm, tight pussy.

Jen wraps her legs around his waist, letting out little squeals of delight. She hadn’t been fucked like this in way too long.

She plays with her nipples and moans, loving every moment. Her pussy is dripping wet now and she can feel her orgasm coming on. He’s hitting all the right spots, fucking her perfectly. Hard, but not too hard. She bites her lip, looking into his eyes.

“Oh Jen. Mmmmm. You’re so fucking sexy. You’re driving me crazy, playing with your pretty pink nipples like that. That’s so hot,” he tells her, fucking her even faster now.

Jen is panting. “God yes. Drew, fuck me just like that! I’m gonna cum!” And she does. A screaming orgasm in the middle of the car park for anyone to hear. She pinches her nipples even harder as wave after wave of pleasure flow through her body. She can barely catch her breath. “Drew. Cum for me, baby. Cum anywhere you want.”

Drew is grunting and moaning, fucking her pussy as hard and fast as he can.

“Oh my god! Drew! You’re going to make me cum again!” Jen screams. He’s bracing himself with his arms against the car and she squirms, moans, scratches at him and cums again.

“Fuck yeah, baby,” he says, but, to her surprise he pulls out. Instead of cumming somewhere on her body as she expects, he shoots his load right on to Max’s door handle. When his orgasm subsides he notices the look of shock on Jen’s face.

He grins and shrugs. “How’s that for revenge?”

They burst into laughter simultaneously. Tears are rolling down Jen’s face and her stomach hurts from laughing so hard. “Get in the car!” she manages to get out between laughs.

Drew yanks his pants up, runs to the other side of the car and hops into the passenger seat.

“Where’s your car?” Jen asks him.

“I live across the street. I walked,” he says.

“Well, I guess I’m coming home with you, after all,” Jen tells him with a sparkle in her eye. “Maybe you’ll let me swallow that big cock when we get there.” She smiles and pulls out of the car park.