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A long time player in the sex toy market, Doc Johnson is a well known and trusted American brand with a big home run success in the UK. They have revolutionised the sex toy market not once, but many times over the years and were one of the first companies to move to medical grade silicon. They also work with very well known stars of adult films and have been represented many times across TV chat shows as well as in urban American dramas.

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Doc Johnson - the hardest working sex toy brand on the market

It’s not that DJ is such a huge brand that makes them special, the fact that they never rest on their laurels is what keeps them at the top. The Doc Johnson brand continues to innovate and re-evaluate the trends and their products, meaning no matter what your taste or sexual orientation, you will find a DJ pleasure toy to suit you.

For me, the Doc Johnson brand is about fun. Who else could invent a bouncing ball with an 8” dong attached? Actually called an E Z Rider Ball, this fantastically simply yet very effective dildo is part of the interchangeable Vac U Lock system. Don’t be put off by the hardware store title as this clever and versatile harness system has been very well designed. Another highly acclaimed name to come out of the DJ stable is the iVibe collection. Similar in style to the Lelo range, this is a modern collection for the metropolitan man or woman, not afraid to demand elegance as well as top notch performance from their sex toys

Doc Johnson has put all those years in the business to good use and this brand sells just about every type of toy you can imagine. Gay, straight, bi or fetish, this is a brand name that anyone can shop with that is forever moving forward and can be relied upon to deliver the goods.


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