This is a fabulously quirky American company which is proud to be a just a little bit odd and eccentric. The Feeldoe brand of sex toys was designed to directly replace the harness and straps of a strap on dildo or vibrator during lesbian sex play. Mia, the creator of the revolutionary Feeldoe dildo, is a lesbian who was frustrated by the very unsexy delay caused by fiddling with all those fussy straps.

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Tantus Feeldoe More Vibrating Strapless Strap-On Dildo 7.5 Inch

Tantus Feeldoe More Vibrating Strapless Strap-On Dildo 7.5 Inch

More, More, More, how do you like it?! The newest addition to the top-selling hands-free Feeldoe range of silicone dildos is longer and thicker than any other model - 7. 5 inches in fact. Pop in the vibrating bullet and thrust long into the night. Made from top-quality silicone, the More is wonderfully firm yet delightfully flexible, with a smooth, realistically-shaped shaft that's a full 7. 5 inches long. Suitable for both vaginal and anal penetration, whether you're after lesbian lovemaking or passionate pegging, this dildo has you covered. Insert the bulbous 'pony' end into the vagina, spread the labia, and nestle the 'saddle' against your clitoris, and you're ready to play. And the shaft? That can go anywhere you like... Get things wet by slathering the shaft and pony with water-based lubricant before use.

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The feeldoe - Perfect for giving and receiving multiple orgasms

Coming from an engineering background, she took her skills and designed a strapless strap on which could be used instantly, would stay in place and most importantly, please both women at once. She succeeded magnificently and the Feeldoe dildo is a huge seller and the range is expanding fast.

So how does a Feeldoe (choose a Realdoe for a more realistic feel) work? It can look a little daunting at first, but get used to the shape and explore the dimensions and you’ll quickly see the erotic advantages of this revolutionary sex toy. Made in one seamless piece of medical grade silicon, the Feeldoe has three distinct parts; the Pony, the Saddle and the Horse. Insert the Pony (the smaller bulbous end) in to your vagina and allow your Kegel muscles to hold it in. The will happen naturally and don’t worry if you feel your Kegel muscles are not developed enough as they will learn quickly and the stronger these little beauties are, the better orgasms you’ll be having. Win Win for everyone!

Once the Pony is in place, insert the Horse (the longer dildo) into your partner and let the magic happen. What does the Saddle do? The saddle is the key to it all as once you start thrusting into your partner, the Saddle rubs against your clitoris and ensures that it’s not just the horse rider on the receiving end of multiple orgasms.

Although it was designed for better lesbian sex (and it certainly does that!), the advantages of the Feeldoe are that it can be used and enjoyed by heterosexual couples as well for pegging or anal fun.


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    Maria was a busy woman, despite the fact that she had no kids to take care of, no husband, and a social life

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