The Couple

The Couple. A threesome sex story

The ad was simple. “Very nice middle age couple seeks attractive guy for bedroom games.” I responded with something intelligent and lyrical. I got a response back with photos of the wife, but not the husband.

“She is dirty as hell and enjoys a good fuck.” The message read. She was pretty, probably 45, and with a body that was rather sexy for a woman of that age. I didn’t expect model perfection but she was smooth shaven and very sexy. Of course the nude photo supplied certainly helped. I responded in kind, showing the mystery couple everything.

They said that they were on holiday from NYC and wanted to have an adventure while they were in another country. They told me that they were experienced, which made me believe they were really going to have me over. But with a few emails it was impossible to know if they were genuine. I was in front of their hotel at the agreed time and was approached by a man of about 60.

“You must be David” he said.

“I am” I replied.

“So glad that you came, Im Alex” he went on, “Roz really needs a good fuck.”

But I didn’t see any female there.

“I’m happy to help” I said.

As we started going up in the lift, Alex explained to me that they did this pretty often as Roz was a very sexual lady and he sometimes had trouble keeping up with her. Plus he loved to watch it.

“She loves cum too. You can cum in her mouth or pussy. Up to you” he added.

On the bed of their room, resplendent in slutty lingerie was Roz. She looked fantastic.

“Help yourself” Alex said.

“Yes” Roz added, “fuck like a slut.” She got on her hands and knees, pointing her ass towards me with her legs slightly parted. I could see she was very wet.

“Get undressed” she said, “I need cock.” My clothes were off in seconds, the head and shaft of my cock swelling rapidly.

She helped things along by spinning around and putting the whole of my cock in her mouth. At times she cupped my balls and licked them. Her husband had undressed and stroked his cock as he watched his wife be a dirty girl. It wasn’t long before I was rock hard. I forgot that her husband was even there. I’d thought he’d want a 3 some, but he just watched.

“Fuck me David, I need your cock” she sort of begged. I rammed myself into her doggy style.

We fucked hard for maybe 20 minutes in every conceivable position. She was seriously multi-orgasmic and would squeal a little every time she came. I finally could not hold out any longer and began to flood her tight pussy with rope after rope of sticky semen. She reached down with one hand and scooped up the overflow, putting it in her mouth. She smiled and let the cum drip out of her mouth.