Serena seemed to have it all to her friends – her job as a newly qualified lawyer, her city centre apartment and sports car. She also had her close knit friends so was never short of company. The only problem was that she was horny and her little box of tricks was falling short after a long time as single girl.

Her job meant long hours and she was nowhere near ready for a relationship just yet, she loved what free time she had kicking her shoes off and watching dodgy soaps on her sofa with a face mask on or hitting the town with her friends to dance the night away. All she wanted was someone to scratch the itch. She seemed to be walking around with a constant thrumming in her knickers and she had to do something about it.

Not one for one night stands, the potential complications were too much trouble, she had considered sex parties or an organised orgy but they just seemed sordid and she was conscious there would be a lot of established couples there. She had recently heard a conversation about a new type of club that had opened in town. It was a normal club from the outside and anybody could go and have a great time. If you were open to a bit of ‘no strings attached’ fun then there were also rooms to go into – a choice of décor and all with a leather sofa and some equipment to enjoy. Everybody who entered had a number pinned onto their tops and type a password next to the number on an iPad situated next to the person on reception. The number was a metal badge and was big enough not to have to lean in and see but not too big to get in the way. It didn’t matter whether you were here for a dance or more, everybody got a number.

You pressed a button on a discreet screen in the lavatories to register that you and your number were interested in more than a dance and entered your password. At that point you go about enjoying your night and if somebody catches your eye, the next time you are in the loo you enter their number. If at any point during the night somebody has entered your number you are matched up and can go into your chosen room – all of which are detailed on the screen in the toilet cubicle and you shut it off as engaged and meet your interest there.

It wasn’t a guaranteed way of getting what she wanted – needed – but she did fancy a night of no strings attached fun. She had managed to talk her friends into it – they were all in relationships but were all aware of her lack of action recently.

When they arrived they got their numbers and put their passwords into the screens then headed straight for the dance floor. They had all had a few cocktails in a bar before coming in. Serena soon headed to the loo and entered her details into the screen in the cubicle. She had already seen a couple of very sexy men dancing and had clocked their number and couldn’t believe it when she realised one had already input her number and was waiting for her in the ‘chocolate and cream’ room. It was already set to engaged, meaning he was in there. Gulp.

She went to the bar and got a large glass of wine to help with her sudden nerves. She had updated her lipstick and had another spritz of perfume before she left the toilets and been to tell her friends not to worry if she wasn’t with them for the next hour or so. She knew she looked good tonight, she had dressed to impress – both what the potential man would see before and after he undressed her.

She headed down the corridor and went into the chocolate and cream room. The walls were all cream and the sofa was chocolate. There was a box of chocolates on the table along with some fur covered handcuffs, a paddle and a bottle of whipped cream. The room was beautifully lit and warm. Her eyes went to the gorgeous man who was standing in front of her. Standing at about 6 feet, he had already shed his shoes and was standing in his black trousers and white shirt with bare feet, a few buttons opened to see a hairless chest. She followed suit and kicked her shoes off, taking a sip of her wine, the butterflies re-emerging.

“Hi, I’m Serena” she smiled what she hoped was a suggestive smile. Happy to see him pick up his own drink for a sip – it wasn’t just her who had got a case of the nerves!

“I’m Sam and I can’t believe I’m actually doing this and that you’ve chosen me – I saw you the second you walked into the club”. He moved towards her and moved his hand down her waist and hips. She gave an involuntary shudder and moved her hands to undo a few more buttons and see what was underneath the shirt.

She was not disappointed, he was honed and she had to put her drink down so that she could use both hands to stroke the chest. He followed suit and started to pull her dress over her head. He gasped at what he saw underneath, she had a lacy red underwear set on and had gone full out with the bra, knickers and stockings. She worked hard at the gym so it set off her toned body to perfection. She pulled at his belt and started to work his trousers down. He was already hard for her and she wondered if he had waited for this as long as she had. She knelt took his erection in her mouth and blew his mind, just as she was sensing that he was about to go over the edge she stood up and gave him a wicked grin, went to the table and picked up everything except the paddle, she would do this her way.

She went to the sofa and lay on it, Sam took off her underwear, mesmerised by the sexual excitement. She squirted some of the whipped cream onto her nipples, topped with a chocolate each then squirted more onto her wetness. She ordered him to cuff her to the posts on the arms of the sofa and then laid back and let him go to work. He devoured the chocolates and then the cream, leaving her squirming and very close to the edge. She was almost begging him when it seemed he could take no more either and plunged into her, both of them moving in tune with each other, building to an explosion that was unadulterated.

Once she was dressed and ready to re-join her friends Serena blew Sam a kiss. “That was perfect, thank you”.