Katy picked up her mobile and checked the time; Joel was due in exactly ten minutes. Opening her fridge, Katy took out a bottle of wine that housed the remnants from her girly evening the night before.

Opening the kitchen cupboard, Katy grabbed a wine glass, poured in the left over wine and hastily gulped it down in one. The sharp Chardonnay hit the back of her throat before trickling down to her stomach, soothing her nerves.

Joel had been very specific about what he wanted that evening and as always Katy was compliant to his needs.

1. Black stiletto’s – Check

2. Suspenders and stockings- Check

3. Hair pinned up tightly in a bun – Check

4. Cock sucking red lipstick – Check

5. Leather Basque that showed of he ample cleavage and leather crotch less knickers – Check

6. A restraint bar – Check

7. Dildo- Check

8. Butt plugs – Check

9. Whip – Check

Finally, 10. A horny attitude and the desire to let Joel do whatever he wanted – Double Check

Katy had never met anyone like Joel. In the past she had always been the one in charge both in and out of the bedroom but Joel had shown her that to be totally dominated was just as thrilling. In fact, for Katy even more so because it was a totally new experience.
She looked at her mobile again and dead on eight o clock the buzzer of the intercom resounded around her apartment, Joel was always prompt and he expected Katy to be ready for him.

In the hallway, Katy checked her make up in the large gilt mirror. She smiled at her reflection, she looked good. In fact, she looked more than good she looked hot. Her smoky eye make up widened her eyes giving her a look that was part sultry, part innocent and of course she was sporting the obligatory red lipstick. She looked down making sure that her stockings were aligned before opening the door. She stood aside as Joel stepped in with a navy blue trench coat over his arm. His eyes swept over her and he nodded at her approvingly.

“Here, put this on, “he handed Katy the coat.

Katy was just going to ask what for when she thought better of it. Anyway, it added to the excitement of the evening not knowing what Joel had planned and wasn’t that part of his attraction? As Katy slipped the coat on she smiled to herself. Being unpredictable wasn’t Joel’s only attraction, when God had been giving out cocks Joel hadn’t been first in the queue, he’d been used as the perfect model for all other cocks and Katy loved every inch of it.

Katy fastened the belt on the coat. “How do I look?”

Joel nodded, “Looking good, but we haven’t time to be exchanging pleasantries. Have you got all your gear together?”

Katy nodded, “of course.”

“Well put it into a bag,” he ordered before opening the door, leaving the apartment as quickly as he had arrived.

Katie slid into the leather passenger seat and put on her seat belt. Turning to Joel; she leant over for a kiss but Joel stopped her by pressing a finger n her lip. “No contact, not until we reach our destination. In fact, don’t say a word.”

Joel started the car engine and drove out onto the main road as Katy’s stomach twisted, her excitement mixed with a sweet anticipation.
Finally Katy assumed they had reached their destination as Joel parked up his car and turned off the engine. Taking off his seatbelt he turned to her.

“We are going to have fun tonight Katy, “he said.

In the dark Katy could still make out his rugged features that always made her pussy wet wit desire. What woman didn’t like the rough and rugged look?

Joel opened the car door, “come on out you get.”

Katy stepped out of the car, the cool August breeze sneaking up inside the coat and kissing her legs. She heard Joel flick on his car alarm and then felt him stood behind her.

“Close your eyes.” He ordered.

Katy did as she was bid and felt the familiar black satin blind fold cover her eyes, the ribbons being tied tightly at the back of her head.

“Here give me your bag.”

Katy passed Joel her bag and felt a thrill run through her as he took her hand and led her across the car park.

The air was silent apart from the hum of traffic in the far distance. Katy felt Joel’s hot breath in her ear.

“Do you remember when you told me that you wanted me to fuck you in a dirty back alley?”

Katy nodded. Joel pressed his hand into the small of her back hurrying her on. Suddenly he turned her around and pushed her against a wall. His hands moved inside the trench coat and ran themselves down her Basque taking in her curves. Joel pushed his tongue into her mouth before moving down to her neck where he kissed, sucked and then lightly bit her. His hands moved round to her buttocks and he gripped them, pushing his hard cock against her so she could feel how excited he was and how much he wanted her.

“Well, we’re not going to do that tonight,” he murmured. “Tonight I have an even better surprise and you are going to love it.”
He removed his hands from inside her coat before straightening it. Lightly he patted her bottom, took hold of her hand and led her away from God knows where. She assumed it was an alley because of what Joel had said but in truth it could have been anywhere. Little did she know that what was going to unfold as the evening progressed was going to be the biggest shock Joel had ever delivered to date.
Katy heard the sound of a button being pressed before tinny voice filled the air.

“Your membership number?”

“85206,” Joel replied.



Katy heard a buzz and a door being opened before Joel guided her inside. From behind her she felt his mouth on her neck.

“Unbutton your coat, “he whispered. Katy did as she was told, her anticipation was now reaching fever pitch. Her fingers felt awkward as she fumbled undoing the buttons, finally she put her hands by her side to signal that she had finished.

Joel slipped the coat off her shoulder and placed it over his arm before untying the blindfold.

Katy opened her eyes and she saw a set of steep stairs in front of her. She turned and looked at Joel, a questioning frown furrowing her forehead.

“Well go on, up you go,” Joel said. “I’m eager for our evening to begin.”

At the top of the stairs, Katy was met with a royal blue door that housed the biggest brass knocker she had ever seen.
“Knock on the door,” Joel instructed.

Katy pulled the knocker back, rapping it hard on the door. For a few moments she and Joel stood there in silence before the door was finally opened.

“Come in,” their hostess commanded, a huge grin on her heavily painted face. “It’s been a while since we have seen you here Joel, I take it you are in the mood for a bit of fun.”

The hostess licked her lips and winked at him before walking over to the door and pulling across ten locks, which Katy thought was a little excessive on the security front. The hostess led them down a narrow hallway that was dimly lit. The carpet, the walls and the ceiling were totally black.

Katy could just make out the woman’s figure in front of her, her buttocks swayed from side to side as she sashayed down the hall. Dressed in a black rubber cat suit, heels the only splash of colour was her bright red hair and alabaster skin.

The hostess opened another door and led Joel and Katy to the cloakroom. “Here, let me take your coat, “Joel handed it to her. She grabbed a hanger off the rack slipped the coat onto it and hung it up.

“Do you want to put the bag behind?”

Joel shook his head, “No we’re taking this in with us.”

The hostess raised her eyebrows. “Really? Well you will have to show me your wares sometime,” she said suggestively, maintaining eye contact with Joel longer than was completely necessary and Katy felt a pang of jealousy. Did these two have history? The way they were behaving with each other Katy thought it was highly likely.

Katy followed Joel out of the cloakroom, her body and mind was a scramble of emotions. She was excited but also unsure. Horny, but also a little reticent, anticipation mixed with trepidation.

“Let the games commence, “Joel announced as the light was suddenly flicked on. Katy’s eyes opened wide with surprise, her mouth drying up. Joel looked at her and smiled.

“Looks pretty cool huh?”

She nodded; this wasn’t what she had been expecting, not at all!

In the middle of the room was a large round, purple bed. The lighting was slightly dimmed and the room was decadently decorated. In the corner hung a swing, chains randomly fell from the ceiling. In front of the bed was a row of chairs where three men sat. Joel walked over to them. The men looked up at him like they had known him all their lives. Joel motioned Katy over.

“This is Katy. Katy meet Rob, Paul and Oliver.”

Rob looked at Katy with the most intense blue eyes she had ever seen. His eyes travelled her body before looking back at her.

“Very nice, “Rob nodded his appreciation. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small brown bottle and handed it to Joel.

“Thanks Rob, we won’t be long.”

Joel took hold of Katy’s hand and took her to a dark corner of the room. Putting down Katy’s bag he opened the bottle. He held his left nostril and inhaled the bottles content with the other before doing the same with his right nostril. He handed the bottle to Katy.

“What is it? She asked.

“A little bit of something to make you horny.”

Joel pushed his fingers into the gap in her knickers and started to play with her clitoris before pushing his fingers inside her.

Katy sniffed the top of the jar like Joel had done, replacing the lid. Within moments she felt a rage of horniness flood through her as Joel continued to play with her until she had to hold onto his shoulders to steady herself as her legs started to shake. Joel reached the part inside her that was guaranteed she was going to gush and in seconds her juices were splashing against the top of her stockings and onto the floor.

Once satisfied that his mission had been accomplished, Joel pushed her against the wall and took out his cock.

“Wank me,” he ordered. “Get me in the mood because you’re going to show my friends how much you love getting fucked.

Katy expertly wanked Joel’s cock until she could feel his pre cum appear at the tip. Joel stopped her and slipped his cock back into his pants.

“Lets have some fun Katy.”

As she lay on the bed, Joel slipped Katy’s wrists into the cuffs of the restraining bar and placed behind her head before clipping the press studs shut.

Opening her bag he took out her dildo and butt plug and pushed the plug into her hole.

He motioned to Rob, who joined them on the bed. Handing Rob the dildo, Joel moved round the bed so he was knelt in front of Katy. Taking hold of Katy’s head he put his cock in her mouth as Katy felt her dildo being pushed inside her.

Joel moved his cock in and out of her mouth as Rob picked up pace with the dildo, his fingers rubbing her clit until she felt herself build to a throbbing orgasm.

Joel pushed himself deeper into her mouth until Katy felt herself gag, her eyes watering causing her mascara to run down the side of her face. She felt Joel’s cock throb against her tongue before he stopped.

“I don’t want to cum yet, I want to fuck you and while I’m fucking you would you mind sucking Rob’s cock?”

Katy felt her stomach flip.

“It’s one for your fantasies isn’t it? “To take part in a threesome?”

Katy nodded and Joel kissed her forehead, “see I make all your dreams come true don’t I?”

He removed her wrists from the cuffs of the restraint bar and placed it on the floor at the side of the bed.

Expertly he turned her onto all fours and pulled her back so she was at the right angle for him to fuck her.

“Put your cock in her mouth Rob and fuck her mouth exactly as I am fucking her pussy, at the same pace and with the same intensity okay?”

Rob nodded and took his cock out of his pants and knelt on the bed.

Katy felt Joel open her pussy lips with his fingers before pushing his cock inside her, his thick girth causing her to gasp. Rob grabbed hold of her hair pulling her lips onto his cock. Both men were blessed in the appendage department and it turned Katy on that all her holes were being filled.

Joel fucked her slowly at first so she could appreciate his whole length before picking up pace. Rob was doing the same with his cock until eventually Katy was being filled so hard and fast she thought she was going to pass out. Joel gripped her waist and fucked her harder and faster until he gasped.

“I’m going to cum, “he panted.

Rob fucked her mouth until he too was ready to cum, his cock coated with the white froth from Katy’s energetic sucking.

Joel exploded inside her first, quickly followed by Rob. Katy swallowed Robs hot cum and wiped her lips with the back of her hand. Rob leant back on his heels. Finally recovered he smiled at Katy.

“That was fucking awesome, thank you.”

Joel moved round to the side of the bed as Rob walked off, pushing his satisfied cock back into his jeans. Lying down beside her Joel stroked her hair before kissing her lips.

“You were great; we will have to come here again sometime.”

Katy traced a finger across his lips, “oh yes, we definitely will.” And Katy didn’t doubt it for a second.