10 Ways to Make That Man Yours

10 Ways to make that man yours

You spend hours curling your hair, even more hours making sure your make-up looks like you’re on the cover of Elle magazine and your entire months wages on those killer heels and outfit you tried on five times this week just to make sure it’s the one and all because of that guy you just can’t get off your mind. Turns out he didn’t notice all the effort you’d gone to as you end up swatting off other men and drinking an entire bottle of wine whilst looking through his photos on Facebook and wondering what his kiss would feel like…
Here are my ten tip top tips on making that man yours…

1. The three second rule. Catch his eye and hold contact for three seconds before looking away and straight back into his eyes. Hold for another three seconds then look away smiling. Works every time.

2. Don’t turn yourself into a commercial for the new ‘Tango dipped in Wotsits’ advert. A man will be far more interested in what you have to say over how well you glow under his bedsheets. You know what I mean.

3. Obvious yet rarely advice that’s taken; I’m talking about confidence. Not arrogance. You are who you are so embrace that. Don’t shy down in the chair or hide behind your friend. Hold yourself and stand (or sit) up tall. Nothing is more attractive than a woman who is comfortable in her own skin. TIP: Put yourself in the shoes of your idol and just be them as your confidence cover.

4. Let the fashion police have a night off. We spend hours throwing outfits on the bed, screaming because we look too fat and wishing we had of bought the first outfit we saw in TopShop. Quite simply the best advice is to be yourself. By that I mean wear what you enjoy wearing and what suits your shape. It will do nothing for your self esteem or flirting when you are tottering around in a tight skirt that shows your fully cooked breakfast with 16” heels because you think that’s what men want. He won’t notice you for the right reasons.

5. Back to the three second rule. Work your magic and then head to the bar for a drink alone. When he spots you on your own he’s less intimidated to approach and chances are he will buy you that drink.

6. Men are useless at picking up on signals of interest from women. When you get talking to him remember to be casual in conversation but use body language a little more than usual. A slight exaggeration on the smiling, wrapping your hair around your finger and touching his arm when he makes you laugh will plant positive vibes in his head and confirm to him you are interested.

7. If you like him don’t take him home on the first date. Big mistake.

8. Laugh. Nothing is more attractive than a person smiling and laughing. Some of the top voted sexiest women in the world are always snapped smiling and laughing. A good personality shows off your beauty. Period. A pouty face just screams bitch.

9. Never try too hard. It looks desperate. Falling over tables, craning your neck like a giraffe to gawp at him and singing “Call Me Maybe” on the karaoke will divert his attention in the opposite direction to you. You’re not in a chic flick movie and it’s not cute.

10. A man loves breasts. This doesn’t mean you need to give him a show when you’ve had too many vodka and cokes.

I wish you luck. Go and get him. If it doesn’t work out he’s probably gay.