To Tie or not to Tie.

To Tie or not To Tie

Sex has become somewhat an art. There are no boundaries to the imagination. You can paint a picture of what you desire and act it out. 
Passionate, deep, small talk of emotions. At first you start with a kiss, his hands slowly caressing your breasts, his tongue movements becoming more intense inside your mouth, slowly slipping it out and sliding down your neck. His hands move lower as his mouth circles around your breasts, teasing you so much your nipples are rock hard – you just need his mouth on you. He pulls off your lacy lingerie and circles your clitoris with his mouth before slipping into your wetness, groaning through the vibrations before you both come. Compare this kind of sex to the Mona Lisa, everyone has seen it and some go back for more filling their boots with Mona..

There’s no way to have sexual intercourse rightly or wrongly as long as both parties consent.

Try Domination

Dominate each other, decide who has the rule book? Lets give it to him because I want to be the submissive in this action. If he pushes you against the wall and rips off your Victorias Secrets thongs worth £140 then so be it, lose yourself and let him play his desires out on you. As he tightly squeezes your waist and pumps hard, the energy pours through you as your desire screams for him to fill you with his seed. Then you get to a point where you body tenses and he’s not letting it end…He takes you from the wall and leans you lightly against it as he stares deep into your eyes, running his hand down you breast, over your stomach and parts your legs, still staring into your eyes his thumb lands on your clitoris and he inserts a finger to tease you that bit more. By this time you’re dripping wet just wanting him to take you. Take you hard. Then he picks you up and lays you on the bed, tying your wrists loosely to the ends. (My personal request is to not tie my legs) out comes the lube and he rubs it all over his manly body as he kneels over you, his giant erection stands up so hard all you want to do is put it in your mouth and hear him moan – but no, his dominance tells you that won’t happen just yet. Leaning down to kiss you, he unties the silk and asks you to tie him up and do as you wish to him – part of his dominance is commanding you to pleasure him. Performing roles is completely up to you and your partner but I promise you, if you just relax, you will love this sexy, sensual sex.

Or Bondage…

Screams ouch thinking about my buttocks being whipped as I’m being told to shout things about David Cameron and how he should be sacked from parliament. Enjoyment comes from acting out the erotic thoughts that you don’t dare let anybody else know. Getting home from working in the office to being chained to the bed, face down, as he brings the whip down lightly can be incredibly erotic. Not to do damage but to feel the thrill of being ‘taught’ a lesson. Taking a change from the usual and buying a strap on to penetrate him, telling him all the sex you have ever wanted to do. Metal handcuffs, ropes to make your partner a victim, helpless and at the mercy of your most depraved whims can be a huge turn on for both of you. Whips, chains anything your darkest thoughts desire. Leather outfits, nipple clamps, kinky underwear, the list of bondage items is endless. Imagine strolling in the room in your sexy fishnets, he immediately turns you around, covers his cock in lube and pushes into your anus, a sigh of delight or slight pain before the pleasure shakes you both up. Bondage gives you the option to play outside the norm, take pleasure from pain and place your ultimate trust and pleasure in the hands of your partner.

Try something a bit different. Open your mind and lose your inhibitions. If it’s not for you then fine but you might find that domination and bondage adds an extra dimension to your relationship.