Three’s Company

Threes Company

Anneka looked out of the full height glass window over the city, it’s lights twinkling in the dark night sky. She sipped her champagne and tried to relax a little, her body was tight with anticipation for the night ahead.


Roberto walked in and kissed her neck, it was strange to think they had only been an item for a short time. The fact they were both foreigners in this British city brought them together and they had enjoyed a raucous few months. They were both adventurous both physically and sexually and her mind and body constantly buzzed.


They had rented this city centre penthouse suite for the weekend and it was perfect, they had certainly made full use of the jacuzzi bath and sauna last night as well as the love seat in front of the privacy glass in this very window.


The bell buzzed and Roberto went to answer the door. He walked back in and Anneka sucked in her breath, Suki was stunning, her hair as black as hers was blonde, the olive skin would contrast perfectly with her own fair skin.


Anneka poured another 2 glasses of champagne and offered them out. Suki walked over first and Anneka offered her mouth which Suki kissed gently before taking her champagne. Roberto joined the girls and took his glass and raised a toast, suggesting they retire to the bedroom. Anneka only had a silk robe on and Suki soon realised she was naked underneath by pulling the belt, it was her turn to suck her breath in and she was soon gently teasing Anneka’s nipples with her teeth while Roberto unzipped Suki’s own dress and started to fondle both girls’ breasts.


After exploring each other’s bodies, Anneka moved down Suki’s body, she loved the taste of a wet woman, and also offered her wet fingers to Roberto so he too could enjoy it. Suki was going down on Roberto, using the champagne as a real sensation for him while he used their largest dildo on Anneka – it was a real tangle of limbs but it worked, and their bodies racked in orgasm almost in unison.


The night would be a good one.