Take to the Stage

Take to the Stage

She stood under a dim red street light, her long black hair gleaming, watching him having a quiet conversation with the doormen who were nodding their heads. She hugged her long fur coat around her, partly to keep out the cold, and partly as a reaction to the butterflies that had started fluttering in her stomach. They had enjoyed a wonderful weekend so far, a city break, although their choice of Amsterdam had been a considered one.


They had been together long enough to know that this was the real deal, they were in it for the long term and were compatible in many ways. Not least because they both liked to experiment in the bedroom, browsing sex toy sites – great foreplay – for new ideas to add sparkle.


This was the first time they were to add ‘exhibitionism’ to their list of experiments and she had a nervous feeling in case it was a step too far. It was one thing whispering about it in the frantic, sweaty ‘tangle of limb moments’ in the privacy of their bedroom and quite another to be going through with it.


The club was reputable, nothing went beyond the doors and you signed confidentiality agreements and were checked before you were allowed in. They had submitted their applications prior to their trip and done their research. It was also somewhere they would not see anybody they knew as they had been told the other entrants that night were all from other countries. It relied on a small audience of people, some of whom didn’t mind carrying out their fantasies on stage, which consisted of a wall of ‘toys’, a large bed with black, satin sheets, an armchair just firm enough and lowlighting. They walked hand in hand through the door, spoke to the relevant people and were told they were 3rd up – the final act.


The first couple were fairly exciting to watch, probably for the new and daring feeling she was experiencing. The woman was prepared with crotchless knickers, nipple-less bra, stockings and suspenders under her fairly non descript black dress. The people they will have dined next to earlier won’t have had a clue! They didn’t use any of the toys but practised fellatio in the 69 position and then he took her from behind on the chair. Once they were replete, a curtain fell for them to get dressed and the sheets were quickly changed.


At this point she couldn’t resist, her hands creeping onto his thighs and he reciprocated, putting a hand under her short skirt onto her bare legs, leaving her tingling. The second couple weren’t a couple at all but a trio. They stuck to the bed, writhing around, all limbs and tongues. They utilised a variety of toys, including a double ended dildo – something she hadn’t seen before but they certainly turned her on. By this point she was wet and more than ready for her turn to be pleasured.


It was soon their turn and she was so excited the nerves had disappeared. One of the couples in the audience were obviously excited too as the woman had unzipped the man and gone down on his erection, giving him the blow job of his life. It was as if they were the only people there and they were frantic, biting at each others lips, tearing at clothes. She hadn’t worn knickers so when he pushed her face down onto the chair and hoisted her skirt up, her bottom was exposed and her sex was throbbing. They had agreed beforehand that they would just use a paddle so he selected it off the wall and alternated between fingering her and striking her. She was about to collapse with want when he thrust into her, pulling at her hair until they were both racked by orgasm and spent.


An experience that would never be forgotten, and Amsterdam would always have a place in their hearts.