A Steamy Workout

Sandi wiped the sweat from her brow, she had gone full out on the treadmill and decided to do some ab work until her heartbeat levelled out. There was a mat free so she headed over, catching sight of herself in the mirror, happy with her reflection. Her red hair shone and she had bumps in all the right places on her toned body. She worked damn hard for it though so felt like she was allowed a little smugness.


She started work on her abs and then decided to tone her bum. As she was getting into position she noticed the person on the next mat – WOW! He took her breath away and his squat thrusts in his tight shorts had her imagination running wild. She hadn’t even realised she had been missing sex – it had been months since she had last seen action.


Sandi mentally shook herself, laid on her back, feet flat, knees up and started to lift and squeeze her ass, the actions only serving to bring her eyes back to her neighbour and it seemed he had noticed her as well, it was as if she was goading him with her thrusting and she saw a glint of want and also challenge in his eyes.


She carried on moving her bottom up and down but made sure her eyes didn’t move from him so he knew there was now an ulterior motif, they went between his bright blue ones down to his crotch that looked as if he was getting excited – the beauty of cycling shorts!


It was a quiet time on a Sunday evening in the gym, everyone else had finished their workouts a while ago and the cleaner was around the corner wiping down the equipment. After a few minutes the stranger cocked his head towards the changing rooms and set off towards the door. Sandi didn’t hesitate to follow him, a girl has needs after all even if she hadn’t noticed them before now. The throbbing in her knickers made her realise they were definitely there.


“I should at least ask your name,” she said as she followed him towards the shower cubicle.


“Matt, and I’d like to soap you down before taking you out to dinner.”


“I am sure that is the wrong way round but it suits me.” Sandi replied, whilst freeing her hair of its ponytail.


They were soon undressed and in the cubicle. The initial blast of cold water from the shower made her nipples protrude even more, they were almost painful. Matt gently washed her body before Sandi returned the favour. She was soon on her knees, concentrating on his erect, delicious hard on and she licked and teased his cock whilst gently kneading his balls. It wasn’t long before he grabbed her upright, pushed her against the wall urgently and entered her from behind, using one hand to pull her nipples and another to flick her clitoris, until she climaxed, panting and he soon followed.


They weren’t sure whether the steam was coming from the shower or their bodies but it would seem they were in for a good night.