A Steamy Suprise

Something about sex in public places had always turned me on. The urgency of the moment and the excitement of being exposed by an unsuspecting passer by added to the thrill of the act itself.

I’d always been an appreciator of both male and female forms, of all ages, shapes and sizes and often found myself watching and wondering what my unsuspecting subjects looked like naked, how they fuck, what turns them on.

I am especially voyeuristic in the gym and spa, where clothes are tighter and more is exposed. I’d find myself drifting off into secret fantasies of changing room liaisons, secret shower room romps and sweaty ‘hands on’ exercise sessions.

It was a normal Tuesday morning. I’d done my 2k swim as usual but unusually had a little more time. I decided to treat myself to a stint in the sauna and steam room. Swimsuit clad and with my chest heaving from my fast paced swim, I entered the sauna, climbed to the top bench and sat. My ass burned from the heat and an involuntary ‘hiss’ left my mouth as I leaned against the back of the seat.

“Careful, it’s hot in here”.

I’d not noticed the gent in the opposing corner. It was dark and we were the only two in there.

“My ass has just informed me” I joked and smiled.

“Careful, you don’t want to damage her” he grinned back in a raspy Irish accent, with something a little more than friendliness in his demeanour.

His response immediately resonated between my legs and as I tipped my head back and closed my eyes I found myself back in my fantasy of sex in the spa. I couldn’t see what he looked like but it didn’t matter. The sexual tension was immediate and I knew he felt it too.

I squirmed on the uncomfortable wooden bench, trying to relieve the aching below, desperate to massage my pulsating clit and acutely aware of my hardening nipples. The bench creaked under my  movements making the stranger in corner aware of my predicament.

I couldn’t take the stifling heat any longer. I took a deep breath and made for my exit, rubbing my scorched ass in the process. He was watching as I went with a sly but appreciative grin on his face. My legs were slick with my wetness. I hadn’t realised the full effect that our brief conversation had had on me. I tried to hide my erect nipples but considering the size of my chest this only made it more obvious and drew his attention as I reached the door.

I pushed it open and gently closed it behind me and headed for the steam room. This was my favourite place in the spa. The humidity provided relief from the dry heat of the sauna and more importantly offered the cover of anonymity. You could share the space with others but were invisible thanks to the steam. I had often visited this room and managed to touch myself in the presence of others without them having a clue.

The room was empty as I took up my usual spot in the corner. I laid against the wall and stretched my legs out on the bench in front of me, sliding my fingers through the side of my costume. I’d just settled into my slow rhythmic motion as he walked in. He’d followed me. The thought sent more shivers fluttering through me and I felt my clit swell further with anticipation.

I could see his frame as he entered, the visibility improving for a second as a cloud of steam escaped through the open door. Well built, at least 6 ft tall. A rugby player I thought to myself. His dark hair was cropped short and he was wearing tight black shorts. As I strained in the mist, I was disappointed as the the room refilled and I couldn’t see a bit more of him.

To my surprise he came and sat next to me. So close that I was able to distinguish more of his features. He was older than I imagined. Perhaps 40 but ruggedly handsome. I imagined his dominating size, broad shoulders and muscular arms and hands being adept at owning a womans body, my body. His mouth and lips experts at kissing in all the right places, his tongue, teasing……

My fantasy was interrupted with a “Hi” spoken in his sexy foreign lilt.

“Hi” I answered, trying to keep my voice from faltering.

“Take your top down” he demanded, looking straight at me.

“Pardon?” I replied, both excited and apprehensive at the same time.

“I want you to show me your tits” he said without a waiver in his voice. “I can see the effect I have on you” his eyes motioned down to my protruding nipples “You should know you have a similar effect on me”. At that I looked down and noticed his erection. His tight black shorts straining to contain his cock which was hard and pinned to his left thigh. In that moment all I could think of was taking it in my mouth.

“Show me” he demanded again.

“What if someone walks in” I spluttered

“Its too steamy for them to see” he replied. “Now” he added, more forcefully.

Not usually one for obedience, I found his control and his confidence incredibly sexy and I was enjoying the role of submissive, wanting to obey this stranger who played my body like I’d known him for years.

I pulled down my costume and exposed my left breast. My 36G cups bounced as they were freed and I heard him mutter his appreciation.

“And the other one”

I took out my right boob, loving the unrestrained feeling, but still conscious that anyone could walk in at any time. I held them with my hands, covering my nipples, aware that their weight was pulling them closer to the ground than I would’ve liked.

“Take your hands away and stand in front of me”

I stood and turned to face him. He pulled me closer so I was stood between his legs. My hands still cupped my heavy breasts, conscious of their size. He pulled my arms away, allowing my boobs to hang naturally and huge in front of him. A shudder ran the length of my body at his touch and I realised how much I’d been longing for it.

He looked up at me. “Jesus. They are magnificent”. My legs almost buckled as he took hold of my left breast and guided the hard nipple to his mouth. His tongue wrapping round my areola and his teeth nibbling the tip. He closed his eyes as he did and I knew he was enjoying this as much as I was.

I barely stood, weak at the knees and held his head as he kneaded, sucked and swirled. My nipples had never been manipulated like this before and I found myself coming close to climax, the need to masturbate overwhelming. He must’ve known as he pulled away and forbade me to touch myself.

Still acutely aware of our public predicament, the need to come was consuming, pulling me in different directions of wanting to fuck him there and then to getting dressed and behaving myself.

The debate that raged in my head was swayed by his next command.

“Pull your costume to one side. I want to see if your pussy is as beautiful as your tits”

I did as I was told, exposing my freshly waxed lips and full bush. He was fascinated by her, stroking her gently, slipping a finger between my soaking, quivering lips. The slick moisture from her mixing with the heat of my body from the steam. All of a sudden his finger slipped deep inside, searching for my g spot. He’d done this before. He was an expert, applying pressure in just the right places. I came swift and hard and had to support myself against the wall.

Just as he pulled his sodden finger out the door to the steam room opened and in walked an older lady. I sat with a defeated thud next to my tormentor, my body still shuddering from the orgasm that had just wracked through my body at his deft touch.

We sat in silence, the sexual tension tangible but only to us. He made polite conversation about the weather and the heat inside the room. The mundaneness of the conversation killing me. After a few minutes, the heat combined with the recent rush of blood now making me feel light headed, she made her excuses and left.

He stood up, turned to face me, his groin in line with my face.

“Now” he said with a wicked tone. “It’s my turn” and with one swift movement he sprang his thick hard cock from his tight black shorts. And so began his reward….