New Year New Orgasm

New Year New Orgasm

New year new orgasm. New year new found sexual confidence. New year new dirty little fetish.

This year it’s time to ditch the “OK” orgasms. The ‘barely there’ foreplay needs to go in the recycle bin and come out smelling like it’s been taught a few tricks. Turning off the light before your partner slips between your legs needs to stop. That “thing” you always wanted to try as filthy as it may sound when spoken out loud needs to come on at the beginning of the match and not sit as a wasted substitute when it could be the winning goal for your mind, body and super strength new orgasm power.

Want a body tingling, mind numbing and pulsating sense of euphoria to wash over you in waves and ripples of pure pleasure? A truly powerful orgasm happens when your mind and body connect and your partner really touches your inner and outer senses. Here’s how to achieve that whether you’ve never reached orgasm before or just want a new heightened experience:

  • Warm up. Yes you’ve heard this in every sex column, seen it on Loose Women and read in every sex book you’ve ever picked up. I’m reinforcing the importance of a kiss that leads to the urges of wanting more, the slight touches of a tongue across your breasts, a hand slowly caressing your inner thighs and making your juices flow. This gets your body sensitised to every possibly interaction between the two of you and it just grows with intensity. The longer you tease, the better your orgasm.
  • Lube. Many times I have heard lube is for girls whose partner can’t turn her on enough. This is far from the truth. Your body reacts to a touch far more if there is less friction involved so don’t dismiss this useful tool from your bedroom. Women’s bodies are all different and we all produce different amounts of natural lubrication so don’t be afraid of asking for it. Don’t ask don’t get and that means you will only miss out on the fun.
  • Ask him what he wants to do to you. Once you are armed with your sexual desires and wet enough for him, game’s on. As long as you are both comfortable with his suggestion then lay back and enjoy. Seeing you in a state of arousal and giving him permission to have your body any way he wants will only stimulate his desires for you so don’t feel embarrassed or shy about whispering your naughty little thoughts into his ear.
  • Tell him what you want HIM to do to your body. You know you have a passion for a certain foreplay position so ask him to perform. Knowing what you want and directing his hand/tongue will heighten your senses and make you feel like you can’t stand to wait a minute longer to come all over him. When he is doing something you love envision it in your mind and this will tip you over the edge with delight.
  • Sex toys. Vibrators, cock rings, anal beads what ever it is that sparks those erotic feelings whip it out. Plenty of lube, massages and sweet teasing can go a long way to building up that orgasm. Lube isn’t just for ‘pussys’ after all.
  • Explore. The entrance to your vagina is incredibly sensitive and filled with feel-good nerves that throw your body into delight mode when awoken. You’ll notice when he slips inside you that initial entering is incredibly intense and you want him to keep doing it. Ask him as he runs his tongue over your clitoris to gently run his finger over the entrance. This could be one of the most incredible feelings you can experience in foreplay and it will bring your heightening up to an explosive level.
  • Orgasm time. This is the moment you feel yourself building, your entire body lifting in ecstasy and anticipation just waiting for that release… this is where you need to change your habits of a sexual lifetime. Naturally we tense, waiting for the ripples and intensity of our orgasm to pulse through us as our backs arch and we let out a satisfied moan. The trick is don’t tense. It may feel like you can’t help it but trust me you can. Let it play out, focus on the orgasm as it builds and just keep your entire body relaxed. When it happens you will notice how it’s not a huge, intense power in which you need to move your partner away to recover but a beautiful, orgasmic wave of pleasure that lasts longer and slowly works it’s way up through your body. You feel the entire orgasm from start to finish.

Relax your muscles, relax your body and relax your mind. You’ll thank yourself later.

Have you any tips for a real and powerful orgasm?

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