Mutual Masturbation

Mutual Masturbation

“Lindsay, stop, oh my God,” she drawled out. For such a timid girl she produced the most deliciously naughty sounds.

“Mm, not yet. You don’t want me to go in dry, do you?” Kate asked, nibbling on her friend’s ear. The smaller girl let out another mewl as she gripped her navy blue bed sheets. Her creamy body writhed in unfamiliar pleasure. Her legs curled up towards to her body in an attempt to shut Lindsay’s hand out. Her extroverted best friend grinned, enjoying the feel of another girl pressing so intimately against her. Her hand pumped faster into the pretty pink pussy.

“Ahh! N-no, I’m gonna, gonna, gah!

Kate squeaked, letting the uncontrollable wave wash over her. This was her first orgasm, and it hadn’t been by her handsome boyfriend Josh.

Her breathing was laboured, her face flushed. Lindsay gently kissed Kate’s cheek, softly rubbing the outer labia now.



“How was it?”

“…Can’t…I can’t talk…”

Lindsay chuckled, palming Kate’s left breast. The shorter girl moaned as she pressed closer to her friend. If she had any wind she’d gush about how mind blowing and incredible the experience was. That she had been wrong to be sceptical about being fingered for the first time by a girl she’d known since she was in nappies.

Kate tried to untangle her messy blonde hair. Lindsay stopped her with a mumbled, “No, it looks nice.” She tucked her own short black bob behind an ear.

Frankly, Lindsay was surprised that her beautiful friend let her touch her in such a way. It had been wishful thinking when she suggested that they pass the time with mutual masturbation. Kate would probably never return the romantic feelings Lindsay had, and it was just something she had to learn to deal with.

“Are you ready?”

“Huh?” Lindsay snapped out of her thoughts. Kate sat on top of her, licking her lips. It was most likely to moisten them, but it came off as an attempt to seduce the taller girl. She shivered in anticipation.

“You made me feel good so I…I don’t know, I guess I should return the favor you know?”
“Uh, sure, if you want to—ohhh.”

Without warning, the petite blonde had taken a pert nipple into her mouth. Her cute little tongue slid all around the peachy skin in an effort to get them hard. Lindsay moaned, feeling her cunt start to pulsate. Her friend giggled, trailing a hand down to her dripping pussy. Well this was unexpected, how did she become an expert so damn fast?

“Nn, Kate, fuck, I gotta—ahh!”

The tiny fingers slicked along her slit, making Lindsay cry out in pleasure. It became a pattern. Suck, nibble, slide. Suck, nibble slide. It was driving her crazy.

Lindsay’s head pounded and her heart raced. She held onto her friend, never wanting to let her go. Because in reality, it was her first time too.