Garage Gratuity

I’ve always had a penchant for men and oil. I don’t mean baby oil, although I am partial to a bit of that. I mean I like dirty oil, work oil, diesel and grease that kind of thing. Mm, the smell of hard work and the sweat on a man really turns me on and I know where this small fetish of mine stemmed from.

When I was younger, I used to date a mechanic. He was a few years older than me and was doing an apprenticeship at a garage that specialised in fixing classic cars, MG Midgets that kind of thing. I loved those cars; they always reminded of the film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang for some reason.

Anyway, Darren was good looking in a dark and brooding kind of way. He had a flat top haircut that was all the rage in the 80’s and he liked to fuck and as it happened so did I. I had lost my virginity a few years earlier and I was like a pack of Pringles back then, one fuck and I couldn’t stop.

However, Darren was the first guy to make me come by penetration alone, a combination of his top of the art sexual moves helped along by his thick cock. He punished me so hard one evening that my nails shredded his back. Apparently his Mum had been disgusted when she inadvertently saw them as he walked out of the bathroom one day with just a towel round his waist. She thought I was too young to be doing that kind of thing. Whether she was referring to our loud fucking or the back shredding I will never know and I didn’t particularly care.

Darren asked me to meet him at the garage on a balmy evening in July. I dressed in the obligatory denim cut off shorts that I knew he loved along with a pink vest and no bra. Darren always liked to be able to see my nipples through my tops, they made him hard and seeing as I had developed an obsession for his cock and the heavy hard core fucking, of course I always gave in to whatever he desired.

When I arrived at the garage, Darren was stood with his back to me washing his hands free from oil and because it was warm he had taken off his top and had rolled his red overalls down to his waist. As I shut the garage door, Darren turned and gave me a flash of his perfectly toned torso.

He smiled at me and grabbed a towel from the side and wiped his hands, “You look fit,” He said as I stood coquettishly rolling a curl around my finger because although we had fucked loads of times, Darren always made me feel a bit shy until he got my engine running.

Walking over, he gripped my hair with one hand pulling my hair back, kissing my neck as his other hand slid under my vest, his fingers finding my nipples with ease. The neck kissing has always driven me wild. The feel of a man sucking my neck and then kissing it gently has always driven me wild and Darren knew all this and instantly my pussy started to juice up in anticipation of feeling his cock inside me.

His hands moved from my nipples, tracing down my toned stomach before reaching the button of my denim shorts, opening it before slipping down the zip. He let go of my hair so both his hands could tug the denim down and my shorts fell to the floor. I stepped out of them and gasped as Darren’s fingers played with my pussy. He placed a finger inside me and I could hear my juices squelch in appreciation of his finger attention.

“I want to fuck you over that car bonnet,” Darren murmured in my ear. “Then I am going to get you well and truly oiled.”

He put my hand on the part of his overalls that were housing his cock and I could feel his hardness through the rough material.

“Can I do what I want to you?” Darren asked as he led me over to the car whose bonnet was going to be graced with my body.

I nodded because all I could think about was feeling him inside me. I wanted to feel his girth push against my hole before his whole length slid in. Darren pushed me over the bonnet and grabbed me by my hips, they always felt so tiny in his huge hands and I shivered as his cock teased my hole before he pushed himself inside me.

Frantically he fucked me as my juices exploded and gushed allover his cock, that one action spurring him on even more until I felt his cock start to pulsate before suddenly he stopped and pulled himself out of me. I felt his mouth encompass my pussy and his tongue slide into my hole as he lapped up the sexual juices he had created. I could feel myself building up to an orgasm and he made me come with ease, my moans echoing around the garage.

As I shuddered heralding that my orgasm was over, Darren pulled me round to face him, kissing my mouth, the taste of my juices in my mouth, the smell of my sex filling the air and I wanted him, I wanted him badly.

“Fuck me, “I moaned. “I need to feel your cock inside me again.”

“Get on your knees and suck my cock and show me how much you want me,” Darren ordered.

I looked down at the floor; it was filthy and covered in oil with tiny kaleidoscope pools of technicolour where petrol had been spilt. He saw me look down and instantly gauged my reticence.

“Get on the floor like a filthy bitch and suck my cock,” He ordered. “Then you are going to let me do what I want to you.”

Nodding, I knelt, and felt the oil and filth instantly pool itself around my knees but with Darren’s cock in front of me begging for attention I didn’t care. Taking his cock in my mouth I again tasted my own pussy juices mixed with his pre cum. He grabbed the back of my head and forced me to take his length until I gagged.

“I am going to fuck your mouth like I’d fuck your pussy ok?”

I looked up at him, my eyes wide as I wondered how I was going to take his whole length in my mouth at his usual fucking pace. My eyes started to water and the mascara I had so diligently applied started to run but this only seemed to spur Darren on more. He started to fuck my mouth slowly at first then as he became more and more turned on his pace quickened.

I gagged a few times whilst trying to force myself to relax. He wasn’t stopping and as I looked up at him, the look of sheer lust and approval in his eyes made me want to please him even more as thick white globs of saliva spilled out of my mouth and splashed onto my tits and landed on the garage floor.

Darren’s moans became louder and louder along with the guttural sounds that I was making as he fucked my mouth hard and deep and then just as his moans reached a peak telling me that he was close to coming, he stopped.

Lifting me up by my hair he pushed me over the bonnet again and I felt his hands on my ass cheeks. Spreading them wide he leant down and licked my hole and instinctively I moved my hand round to stop him. He grabbed my wrists stopping my reluctance in an instant.

“You said I could do what I wanted and we have done everything but this and I want to fuck your arse. A promise is a promise Nina,” he said as I felt his cock push against my hole before he spat on it, his very own kind of lubrication I guess.

Before I could protest any further I felt him pushing himself inside me. The pain was as exquisite as it felt dirty as he pushed himself further inside me until he was right in there, whether I liked it or not and I was both terrified and turned on by the pain he was inflicting.

I learned that day that your body can adjust and once I had got over the pain I was instantly in horny mode as Darren pumped his cock inside my ass. Faster and faster he fucked me until he came, shooting his load deep in my recess as he pulled my hair and bit my neck in appreciation. It was animalistic and horny and after that day we were to enjoy many more anal fucks and depravity in the confines of his boss’s garage.

Our relationship only lasted a few months after that because I had to go away to study. However years later he contacted me again to tell me that the garage had been installed with a CCTV camera which he had known nothing about. Apparently, his boss had watched the whole thing. I should have been appalled, but instead I was turned on. Somewhere out there is a video of that night and I find that intoxicatingly horny.