Festival Fun

Festival Fun - Frolics on Frolicka

As far as dinner parties go this one was a bore, although I did get to remember one of my most favourite memories. There were six of us, me and my husband, George and Mary our oldest friends, and Sally and Simon, our two newest friends – and brand new couple I might add. They were still in the honeymoon stage of their relationship and all they wanted to do was talk about themselves and their perfect relationship that was, to put it simply, far superior to all others in history, ever. It made me smile to be honest, it was endearing and we still have days like that sometimes.

They had just completed a very contrived and exaggerated tale of how they had nearly met, and then met, and then there was another woman and so on. It could have been made into a fairly decent rom-com really. But they finished it, and stared into each others eyes lovingly before turning their attention to us.

‘How about you, how did you guys meet?’

‘Oh,’ I blushed ever so slightly, the true story filling my mind. ‘You don’t want to hear about that, it’s boring next to yours. Ask George and Mary.’

‘Oh, we insist.’ they chimed in together.

So, there I was; in a smelly porta-potty in the middle of Glastonbury Music Festival. I wasn’t in there for the usual business of using the toilet or, I imagine, doing drugs. No, I had something much more devious planned for my afternoon, and as the thin plastic shell of the thing pulsed to the music that surrounded me I fished through my bag for the pair of vibrating panties I had purchased online specifically for the event.

I was a very shy girl usually and quite how I got the idea of orgasming in public I will never know, but that’s what I wanted to do, cum surrounded by strangers. I’d tried a few times but had been overcome by my own timidness and never really got past rhythmic squeezing of my legs, which would give me some pleasure on a crowded train but I could never bring myself to slip my hand in to finish the job. The vibrating panties would be perfect.

I was wearing a pair of – now mud ruined – Ugg boots, a very tight navy tank top, and a relatively short denim skirt. I slipped my white cotton panties off quickly and stashed them in my bag and then unpackaged the faux leather panties with the built in pouch for the vibrator. I already felt the buzz of arousal as I fondled the strange material, I had never had such a sexy pair in my life.

I placed the vibrator where it was meant to go and slid the panties on, I would have liked to have taken my time and savoured the experience but I was in a porta-potty after all, and I was sure that someone would need it much more than I did very soon.

I opened the door to be greeted by much fresher air and the impatient faces of other festival goers. I walked self consciously past them all, the lump of the inactive vibrator seemed large and cumbersome to me, though in hindsight nobody could have possibly noticed. I felt like they could tell at the time. I walked quickly, unable to look anyone in the eye. I wondered if I was walking like a duck as I headed toward the main stage and the thickest part of the crowd.

I don’t remember who was playing when I got there, I was entirely concerned with breaking through my own shyness barrier and cumming. It was something with a strong beat and people were moving to the music.

I reached into my bag for the remote and pressed the button for setting one and immediately felt a low buzz between my legs. I blushed immediately, it was quite startling and I felt sure that people could hear it over the music – but that was ridiculous, people had to yell to be heard by each other.

I decided to press ahead into the crowd, into the foray of men and women bumping into each other, jumping up and down with the music. I remember the smell, not a bad smell, it was just the smell of people, of sweat. It was damp and sticky and hot and everybody was moving, I think it must have been the growing sensations in my crotch that made me think so but it was the most arousing sensation to be part of it. I clicked on the switch again and the vibrations intensified. I danced with the crowd, body parts of men and women were sporadically brushing up against me, occasionally – probably accidentally – grinding up against me, intensifying my pleasure. It was all becoming a bit of a blur.

It wasn’t until I clicked through the next few modes and landed on a pulse setting that pretty much matched the beat of the music that I finally began to feel the orgasm build. I was elated when the feeling came, I began to lose myself to it. Before long I was bobbing up and down to the music, squeezing my legs tightly together in time with the pulses from the vibrator, writhing, running my hands through my hair. It seamed that the best thing to defeat my shyness and inhibition was to approach orgasm.

I began to touch myself. I ran my hands over my breasts while sandwiched between screaming girls and the damp cotton stretched across a muscular back in front of me. I didn’t even care if anyone noticed any more.

Then I felt the first shudder pass through my body, I was cumming, and it was a big one, I could feel myself screaming almost against my will, but I didn’t care to try and stop nor did I think I was able to. The sensations rose and fell, and then to my delight rose again, and again. I think I was on my fifth, with my legs buckling that I felt myself go light headed and dizzy. I had never had multiple orgasms standing up before and it had proven to be too much for me and I was falling.

Then I wasn’t falling. I was never unconscious but I had the feeling of coming to, a return to reality, and I was being held by someone. I felt a pair of strong arms around me, men’s arms. My head was against his chest, I didn’t know if I was half way to the ground or if he was really tall but I could hear his heart thumping through what I’ll describe here as the sexiest most muscular pillow I could ever have asked for. He was hot and sweaty and his heart was racing nearly as quickly as mine.

I was still vibrating, and beginning to cum again. He had been watching me the whole time, I could feel his hard on as I squirmed, trying not to cum and far too embarrassed to reach for the remote to turn myself off. He was staring into my eyes and as another orgasm began to take its hold on me I threw all caution to the wind and pulled him in for a kiss.

We kissed almost violently passionately, his hands started to wonder over my body, he squeezed my ass through my skirt and it nearly pushed me over the edge. Then in a second I felt his hand slip underneath. I was shocked, I didn’t even know his name – and his hand now rested on the leather vibrating panties, I felt so ashamed all of a sudden, he had discovered my dirty little secret. I thought that maybe he would be disgusted with my public masturbation but I was wrong, I felt him smile as we kissed and he cupped his hands around my pussy, cradling the vibrator, massaging it ever so gently. My hips jerked on their own and I was cumming again, just as intensely as before.

I had a similar dip in consciousness but when I returned to real life the vibration had stopped. I didn’t question it. I felt it was time to face up to something, like I had done something terribly wrong, I stared at my feet. I could tell by the way my legs slid off of each other as I wriggled through the afterglow that they were slick and wet. Oh god I thought suddenly feeling so dirty and wrong, maybe I should have used the bathroom in that porta-potty, I had never squirted on orgasm before and that is what I thought.

I felt a finger on my chin and following its gentle pull the man lifted me from my state of mortification with a smile.

‘Steve.’ He yelled. I could hardly believe he wanted to introduce himself to me.

‘Sarah’ I replied.

Me and Steve shared a knowing glance and then turned in unison towards the new couple, now I am not competitive but I was proud that we were just as in sync as the new couple and that our years together hadn’t left us distant and not knowing each other. We knew how to deal with the situation without even talking to each other.

‘We were set up on a blind date,’ Steve said.

‘We just bumped into each other one day,’ Sarah said.

I rolled my eyes. There was an awkward moment, and then laughter, and it was obvious now that we were hiding something.

Steve looked at me, and smiled, then I suddenly felt a tingle in my panties, Steve had activated the vibrator. He never did return the remote he stole that day.