A Special Delivery

Special Delivery

It was rare for me to be off work on a Monday morning, so it was no surprise to see the look of dismay on my postman’s face when it was me who answered the door and not my, sexy, usually scantily-clad, wife.


“Package for you” I think he mumbled as he passed me the plain-looking parcel, before quickly making his way down the garden path. Not at all the friendly, chatty person my wife had made him out to be!


I closed the door and made my way into the kitchen, intrigued by what could possibly be in the box I was carrying. Jess, ‘the Mrs.’ was still in the bedroom beautifying herself for the day, not that she needs it (and not that she believes me when I say so), so I proceeded to open the mail alone. With the usual bills and junk mail set aside, I turned my concentration to the mysterious package, all the time thinking- “what could it be!?”. My question was soon answered when I saw what was printed on another box inside the package – “The Supreme Sissy-maker Strap-on”.


The instant I’d read those big, red letters, a million and one things went through my head. Not least of those were flash-backs from the previous, forgotten until now, wine-fuelled, Friday night when I’d let Jess convince me, and, indeed, I’d convinced myself, that it was a good idea.


Now, I’m no prude, and I’ve never been adverse to the odd, well-timed, gentle finger exploring my back passage, but in the cold and sober light of day, I wondered as I remembered placing the order- what was I thinking!?


To say I was a little apprehensive would be an understatement. However, to say I was completely turned off by the whole idea would have been a lie. I knew Jess had often fantasised about it and, now it was closer to becoming a reality, I have to admit, there was a stirring in my loins when I thought about it. Could I actually want it to happen, without being plied with alcohol!?


I didn’t have much time to ponder that thought as I heard the bedroom door shut and then Jess as she started making her way downstairs. “Oh Shit”, I whispered to myself as panic set in and I began gathering up all the evidence, frantically searching my mind for a good hiding place. In seconds, all the packaging was in the bin, the bills were in their rightful place and I had my back to the kitchen doorway, about to conceal the scary, wearable, rubber willy, when I heard from behind me “What’s that love?”.


I froze. In hindsight, there were a thousand things I could have said that wouldn’t have raised one, perfectly-plucked eyebrow but no, instead, I said “Oh, it’s nothing babe, you off to work already?” “Nothing?” she asked, as the ‘clippity-clop’ of her high heels made their way towards me over the cold, hard kitchen floor, “let’s see then”.


Quickly, I threw the toy in a cupboard and had prepared the excuse of her up-coming birthday as cover, but, when I turned to see my wife, I think I subconsciously changed my mind.


I suppose some men might look at us, as a couple, and think, ‘what’s she doing with him?’. What I mean is- I’m just your average guy, but Jess, she’s absolutely stunning, really very beautiful, and, I don’t know whether it was her new hair-do, the curve-hugging tight, black mini skirt, the tease of cleavage she was showing, the fact I could see she was wearing her favourite stockings, or the thoughts I’d just been thinking but, it was extra apparent that morning.


“Wow” I acclaimed as I leaned against the ‘cupboard of secrets’, “you look amazing, come here a sec”. “Never mind that” she said, “what’s in the cupboard?”. Instead of answering her, I took her in a strong embrace, my arms nestled in the small of her back and, eye to eye, I let all my senses become enveloped by her. “You really do look amazing you know” I repeated and leaned in for a slow, passionate kiss, only to be met with a quick peck on the lips, as not to smudge her lipstick. “So what’s in the cupboard love?” she asked, again. “Give me a proper kiss and I’ll tell you” I said, my hands now following the curves of  her sexy backside, softly squeezing and pulling her in to me.


I don’t know whether it was my roaming hands, or that she could feel my growing excitement, or the fact I was asking for a ‘proper kiss’, but she quickly said, “You can forget about that Mr., some of us have to go to work today!”. None the less, though, she kissed me fully, softly and sensually with her perfect lips, both our passions increasing by the second. I took her bottom lip between my teeth and gave a nibble and when doing so I asked her , “Guess what’s in the cupboard?”. “Is for me?” she replied, during a small pause when our mouths weren’t locked together. “It’s for both of us” I communicated, still enjoying our kiss.


Then, although I didn’t realise it at the time, I felt the proverbial penny drop. Her mouth stopped dead in it’s tracks, her body felt like her legs had given way a little, and her touch lingered on my chest as she turned, saying nothing, and walked out of the kitchen, leaving my tongue still tasting her kiss and my eyes captivated by the swaying of her hips. “What are you doing?” I called after her. “Sssshh” came her voice from the living room, “I’m on the phone”.


I simply thought she’d forgotten to make an early call or the like, and was revelling in the fact that I’d have some time to contemplate what was hiding in the cupboard. “Let’s see it then?” she asked a few moments later as she walked back into the kitchen. “Well, you’ve seen it all before” I joked, grabbing a handful of my crotch, “but if you insist!”. “Not that” she almost scowled, “I want to see the strap-on you’re hiding in that cupboard”.


Well, it’s not like me to be lost for words but all I could manage, before she’d brushed me aside and opened the cupboard door, was an incoherent mumbling of “er, wha, it’s, er…..”. It was too late. The game was up. And as she took the box containing the dildo out of it’s outer packaging she said, “I’ve just rang in sick, now get up those stairs”.


Now, Jess isn’t someone you’d describe as ‘dominant’. In fact, most people would probably say that she’s too nice for her own good, a bit of a ‘softy’ you might say, but I’ve certainly seen another side to her since our, er, ‘investment’.


On that first morning, she could tell I was a tad nervous so we took our time. We spent hours kissing and touching and tickling and teasing, and, after working her glorious mouth on my throbbing manhood for what felt like an age, her attention turned to my hole and I knew what was coming.


First, it was her tongue. Softly over my opening and up and down in between my cheeks, cupping my testicles and stroking my length as she did. Even then, the sensations were driving me wild and I thought there’d be no limit to how far I could let myself go with her.


Then her hands were occupied along side her mouth. I didn’t notice her grab the lube but I groaned a little as she slid a finger inside, much further and with more purpose than ever before. This time she was fucking me with her finger. Then with two. Nothing too rough or frantic, but deep and fully. And it felt good.


Just as I was really starting to enjoy it, she stood up and began to fasten our new toy to herself and, as she began stroking the lubrication up and down the length, I became terrified and horny in equal measure. I could tell she felt completely aroused and empowered with her new, fake dick and, I have to admit, I was enjoying seeing this new side to her.


She stood me up at the end of the bed and told me to bend over. I did as I was told and as I looked back to see her stroking the toy again, her glinted eyes focused on my backside, any fears I had quickly turned to anticipation.


I flinched slightly when I felt the cool, slippery head press up against my hole, and for a second, I thought ‘there’s no way that’s going in there’. But then, almost with a ‘pop’ I felt my rim stretch open to take it and it slowly began to slide inside.


I lied to my wife when she asked if it was hurting. I didn’t want to ‘ruin the moment’ for her so I told her I was ok and “it’s not too bad”. Understatement of the year! It really did hurt, for the first few strokes at least. After a little while though, the pain turned to pleasure. It was still a little uncomfortable, in the same way you feel after a huge meal, but in the backside rather than the tummy, but in more and in other ways it felt amazing. I could feel it pressing against my prostrate when she was deep inside. Then she’d pull it all the way out giving different, pleasurable sensations, only to thrust it all the way back in again. My God.


There was times when I was wondering what Jess could be getting out of it, but I only had to listen to her or see the look on her face to know she was loving it more than I was.


Then, after being turned over onto my back, came the best bit. Something I’d never experienced before that day and would have probably called them a liar had someone told me it had happened to them; After a short while, whilst still being penetrated, I started to feel the sensations on my prostrate getting stronger and stronger, and with absolutely no manipulation of my penis, I built to one of the noisiest, messiest, earth-shattering, most explosive orgasms I have ever had in my life. Jess pulled out of me and greedily guzzled up every last drop, more sexed-up than I’ve ever seen her.


So, if there’s any man considering something like this, I can’t urge you enough to give it a go. It’s not ‘gay’, I haven’t started talking or walking funny and I certainly don’t feel any less a man. In fact, I know I can say that I satisfy my wife in ways most men wouldn’t have the guts too. And besides, our little strap-on friend usually makes an appearance when the wife’s got the girls round for a few glasses of wine, but that’s another story!!!