A Master Flat Mate

Jeff lived alone for a long time. He lived in a not too shabby two bedroomed flat in the city centre, he lived a life of luxury with a room for sleeping and the other a gaming room. It all changed in the middle of the summer when he lost his job though, it was a silly mistake involving a pussy in a can. Jeff was an avid masturbation enthusiast and an unwilling virgin.

His gaming consoles and computers had to go when his income dropped to make way for a new flat mate, and Jeff dreaded the prospect. At least that was until Silvia showed up at the door the morning after he posted an ad in the local paper.

‘Hi,’ she’d said nicely, she was extremely sexy, a little older, with dark make-up that gave her a vaguely Gothic look, but all grown up. She was dressed professionally, a business suit. But the skirt was a little on the short side and she was just, well edgier than a regular person.

‘Er, um,’ Jeff began, ‘when can you move in, I mean, I’m Jeff.’

Silvia laughed softly, she had a rare kindness to her.

Jeff showed her around the flat and conversation flowed well, unusual thought Jeff at the time not realising it was all in Silvia’s conversational skill, rather than his own.

There was an awkward moment negotiating rent payments and utilities when Jeff couldn’t keep his eyes off of her curves, or the convenient gaps in her clothing. She didn’t seem to mind, she just smiled sweetly.

A few weeks passed by and they got settled in and like anyone else Silvia had a very plain down to earth side. She could lounge around in sweats like the best of them but when she went out to work she was always this stunning half Gothic goddess – wearing anything from business attire to dinner gowns, and because she would never reveal the nature of her work she was mysterious to boot. Her dark red lips made Jeff’s cock rise softly in his pants. He blushed, and got up to go the the bathroom.

‘Just taking a shower, have a good night at work.’ Jeff turned to take in one last view of her walking towards the front door, doubting she knew what he was planning to do, then shut the door calmly.

Jeff turned the shower on full blast so that the noise of him pulling things out would be covered by the sound of the water hitting the bottom of the bath. Then started rummaging about in the back of the large bathroom cupboard, the one that housed a very large water tank. And right at the back behind that was what looked like a large black flash light which was in fact his favourite male masturbator. He fished it out, and then another two. He lined them up along the side of the bath.

HE unscrewed the tops of the fleshlights to reveal a soft pink pair of lips, parted just slightly; a soft peach coloured pussy that looked very tight; and lastly a soft silicone anus the size of a button.

Jeff liked to talk to himself while he did the deed, it excited him to imagine what he might be doing to Silvia so he pictured her in his mind and stepped into the shower.

‘How about a blow-job? Hmm, Silvia, No?’

His fingers were already on the anal toy, ‘I know what you want.’

He closed his eyes tightly and pictured what Silvia might look like once he peeled each silky layer off of her to leave her standing in just her underwear – which judging by the laundry seemed to consist mostly of very sexy bodices and stockings.

‘I’m going to fuck you in the ass.’ he said and confident that nobody could hear him in the shower he gently applied lube to the soft hole and slowly pushed his hard dick in. He moaned loudly.

‘I’m going to fuck you hard, Oh Silvia! I am going to fuck your tits!’ Imagining his dick sliding up and down between her ample breasts. He spoke loudly, thrusting into the toy squirting more lube onto his dick every time he pulled out.

There was the sound of a throat clearing and Jeff froze. He was too scared to even open his eyes.

‘Is that a fact?’ She didn’t have a harsh or accusing tone to her voice. The was something coaxing in the way she talked.

Jeff opened his eyes slowly and much to his surprise she was smiling at him.

‘You want to fuck my tits?’

Jeff was silent for what felt like a very long time but felt compelled to speak eventually, it was the expectant look on her face.

‘Yes.’ he said meekly.

‘Well listen,’ she began a little more matter of factly, ‘I am almost late for work, so I can’t very well get all dirty now can I.’

Jeff didn’t know what to think, was she offering herself somehow? His cock stiffened at the thought of finally being with a woman, and what a woman.

‘Don’t let me stop you.’ She looked at the black tube he was gripping between his legs.

Jeff didn’t move until she did, she slid her hand along the middle of her breasts and hooked her finger over the top button of her blouse, popping it open expertly.

Jeff thrust very slowly forward, hypnotised by the show, then began to pick up speed again.

Silvia moved her hand towards her crotch, gathering her skirt subtly, revealing a stocking top, like she was about to start touching herself but not.

It was too much for Jeff, he jerked and moaned and shot his load deep into the plastic anus. He slumped back against the bathroom wall, breathing hard. Silvia was still smiling but she was checking her lipstick in the half steamed mirror.

‘Well, I’ll see you later then.’ Silvia said with complete composure, blowing him a kiss as she left.