A Helping Hand

A Helping Hand

“Fuck”, I cursed under my nose when my coin got stuck in the vending machine.

“Don’t worry, kitten”, said someone, as he reached forward and gave it a good push.

As soon as I recognized James’s languid voice, my mouth went dry. Tall and olive-skinned, toned enough that his muscles would show through the white collared shirt, James was a guy best avoided. We had a thing when I first arrived but then he and my boss became a “thing” on their own.

“Thanks”, I murmured as I bent forward to get my snack from the opening.

Before I knew it, he was standing right behind me, his hand casually caressing my thigh. “Stay like that”, he whispered.
I froze, as his hand move to my inner thigh. My skirt was too short and too tight to hide the warmness of his skin and the anticipation of his movements. His breath ran down my neck, causing my whole body to shiver with desire.
“Edna’s office is just right the corner”, I moaned.

“Okay. I’ll let go then”, he smirked and slightly moved away.

Aching for the warmth of his skin, I felt my back arching towards him. His hand hadn’t left my thigh. Slowly, as if to tease me more, his fingers crawled underneath the hem. He slid his finger back and forth, and moaned, when he sensed my wetness. I leaned forward, pressing my chest against the vending machine as he lifted my skirt a little. I could feel the bump in his pants, throbbing, aching, pleading for release.

He tore my tights with a single movement, and now his fingers were free to explore my bare skin. I was dying to arch my back – just a little further – so I could feel his desire, let it slip through me, and enter.

His finger pressed against my throbbing clit and his heavy breath mixed with mine. I moaned, as his movements got faster and more confident. He slid his other hand below my skirt and slip a finger inside of me. The pleasure wave overwhelmed me and I had to bite my lip as hard as I could to contain my scream.

“You like that, don’t you?” he gasped and stopped, and made me beg to start again.

My body got stiff and my clit started pulsating heavily, as he rubbed against my butt. I started fantasizing about the bulge inside his pants, about the olive-colored cock and its sweet sweet taste, as his fingers tortured me from inside. Gasping in my ear, he pressed again and thrust, faster and harder, and I felt my whole body exploding in a wave of pleasure.

While I was still leaning on the vending machine, hands and feet trembling, heart pounding, he took a step back, and licked his finger. With a wink and without saying a word, he started walking down the corridor.